Mechaike Sports Festival Extra SP


Did you guys enjoy the Mechaike Sports Festival? Because here is some more footage from it! Enjoy watching the behind-the-scenes from before the girls enter the classroom and more extra footage from the Sports Festival. And for those of you who thinks that Fujimoto Miki’s appearance in the Sports Festival was too little, fear not, because she has plenty of screentime here. Not to be missed is Takamina’s athletic performance! Will she thrive or will she enter the Kuso 7? Watch and find out!

Torrent link will be up later on a certain tracker site! 😉





[AIDOL] 131123 Mechaike von aidol_stream

Credits to:

Translator: Half, KudoShinichi

Timer: Half

Typeset : AlfredCastle

QC: Mayuyu, Jershua


PS:  And here’s the fixed timing for JPon version that Kim-kim did:

We also added another version of softsubs for the 2 hour SP. Kim-kim kindly adjusted the timing to fit the 1080p video on JPon. Get them here: