SKE48 no Magical Radio Season 3 Episode 9


Shino: ‘Shino desu~ A translator…

So, on tonight…today’s Magical Radio, the band gets a CD debut???

Rock~kun: “Rock~kun desu~~ A timer… Ehhh and Love confessions!!!

Which member is going to make your heart go doki doki? ~~

Shino~ who’s confession did you think was the best?

Shino: “Hrm…Akane-san’s…was…”

(truthfully kind of scary )

Rock~kun: Ohhh Shino don’t spoil to much!

They need to watch it for themselves!

Shino: “Hai~ Rock~kun, without spoiling too much, what did you think about this episode?”

Rock~kun: hmmm … I would have to say it was the sing segment… Akane-san… was…

Shino: “Huhu, Akane-san’s been noticeable as always this episode in her own way as always eh~”

Rock~kun: Sou~ desu ne~~ but lets not forget about the guest stars we have on this episode~~

…. Eh… Shino… Who were the guest stars again…. I think I forgot ?

Shino: “Mukaida Manatsu-chan~ and… Kojima Kazuya”

Rock~kun: nnnnnnnnnnnnnnManatsu!!!!!!!!

Oh yes i remember!! From a DJ assistant to Record company assistant!

XD I love when they do that~~

Shino: “I can see your spirit! Yea! Her character was so interesting~”

Rock~kun: So true~~ Ohhhh I forgot (again)!! My kami~oshi is in this one!!!!

Wasn’t she so cute :3

Shino: “Yups~ super kawaii~~ Peanuts~~ Though I’m guessing by now, the audience is lost.”

Rock~kun: guess its about time they watch the episode then!

Shino: “Douzo~~ Nyaa~~ Nyaa”

Rock~kun: ….. Wan~~ Wan~~

Shino: ….. Mooooooo

Rock~kun: GAOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

*enters Yukirin*

Yukirin: hmmm… I wonder what sounds a Japanese cow makes?…

Shino/Rock~kun: GAMOOOOOOOOO~~~~

Yukirin: I don’t even know why I try to ask serious questions here….

*cough cough* lets watch the episode now~


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SKE48 no Magical Radio Season 3 Episode 9


Credits to:

Translator: Shino

Timer: Rock~kun

Typeset: alfredcastle

QC: mahousentai, Ricky