A little something about requests


Hey Guys and Girls!
First and foremost I’d like to thank you all for your support and interest in AIDOL subs!

We constantly get a LOT of requests from you guys across various platforms (Facebook comments and messages, Tumblr Asks, the website chat, Twitter and even PMs to members of AIDOL). We try to reply to these if we can, but if we don’t reply to you it’s nothing personal – we’re just busy with other things, you know?
Please understand that we’re just a small group, and we work as hard as we can to provide good quality subtitles for everything we release.
As many of you know we are always working on AKBINGO episodes, and we generally try to follow an order of old and newer episodes. There are too many episodes for us to keep up with though so we will always be behind on this, it can’t be helped. We are always looking for good translators who can help us contribute to the work, but it’s hard to find them – so if you know anyone, do put them in touch with us!

When it comes to requests, we don’t take any because we don’t feel it would be fair to honour the request of one person but reject the request of someone else… because of this we can’t take any requests at all.

We’re all fans ourselves so we do follow what is being released and if we feel it would be a popular release, we will sub it. By popular we try to consider both old and new fans, so it’s something where people who are new to AKB can still learn and enjoy by watching it, but long term fans can still enjoy too!
I’d really like to thank you all for your support again though, we love reading your comments and messages about shows etc. We really do read these things and it means so much to us. So please do continue to support us, but please understand that we like to hear other things than “Sub this…” or “Release the next AKBINGO”. Really… we’re working on it, but our staff all have studies, jobs and lives to live. We do our best!
Please continue to support us, we love you all.

Thank you!
Also, just a reminder, we had a new website address which is www.myaidol.net, along with this we also have a new contact address which is contact@myaidol.net
You can also contact us through our social networking sites!

TL;DR: Thanks for the support, but we really can’t do requests, sorry!