The second coming of Perfume…? Maybe :v /

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Today we’re here to bring you a PV from a relatively new Idol group, Kus Kus. Kus Kus is a Japanese idol group formed in January 2013 and currently consist of three members: Iizuka Mai, Matsuyama Yui, and Aihara Maaya.

Their debut single “Suteki na Takaramono” was released last year on November 6 which sadly only reached #42 on the oricon charts. BUT! just because it didn’t reach that high on the charts doesn’t mean this song is bad, in fact this song is great! if you’re into the electropop/technopop music ala Perfume, give this song and group a listen, you won’t regret it!
(this song actually reminds me a lot of Perfume’s earlier music.)

So could this group eventually be the trio to take Perfume’s place once they leave the music scene? I dunno, you tell me. Tell us what you think about this group and the song in the comments section.

Here is Kus Kus’s debut single “Suteki na Takaramono”.

[AIDOL] Kus Kus – Suteki na Takaramono by aidol_stream

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