SKE48 no Ebi-Friday Night Episode 11


Ebi Friday Night episode 11!
On this episode, in order to find out if the Center Senbatsu which Okubo-P selected are really capable of being the center, they are challenged to a number of competitions, by battling it out against the non-senbatsu members.
And if the non-senbatsu members win the competition, they will be replacing the senbatsu position!
The atmosphere just started to get tense!!
Who will be the final set of senbatsu members!?

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Also coming up soon! Nemousu TV’s Hawaii SP episodes! Look forward to it!

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[AIDOL] 131213 SKE48 no Ebi-Friday Night ep11 von aidol_stream

Translator: Hayate
Timer: alfredcästle
Typeset: Michael Soares
QC: Mayuyu, mahousentai