The new VID48 will come to you soon, but needs your help!


So i’m still in the middle of coding down the Website for the new Streaming Service. But because i got a few messages on Facebook and emails already asking for how people can help with donations and such.

So I’d like to direct everyone who likes to donate for the new service over to gofundme – I made a page there. The goal is to raise 1250€. Even if we don’t reach that amount, I’ll still get the project going, but i’d be happy with every donation i can get so i’m not pushing it alone.

I’ll try my best to satisfy your needs. I hope i can start a beta phase after this weekend. Lets see how much we can raise until then. Lets show everyone how awesome this Community is and how huge the power is to get something started!

For donation please go here:

I’ll give a later update for the users who like to participate as uploaders. For any other news about the project like the OshimenVOD Facebookpage:

Thank you everyone – I hope i won’t let you down and deliver something pretty cool for you all!


PS: The minimum donation amount is 5 Euro – i didn’t know that before, but i think 5 Euro won’t hurt. If you can’t donate but plan on buying things on CDJapan, you can also help me with clicking the following link before your purchase: