Another Call for help!

Hey everyone, Yukirin here.

I was hoping I could take a minute of your time for something that could really help AIDOL and the Oshimen-VOD project. Basically I’m looking for votes in a competition that could help “Moonflow” get some funding with their projects. There is information on the website which gives the details about my projects, but it’s in German, so here is a translated version of the text.

Moonflow Entertainment is a company targeting people of all ages who are interested in Japanese Culture such as Anime, Manga, J-music and want to expand their knowledge and love for Japan. The primary objective of Moonflow Entertainment is to promote and support projects related to Japan, but also bring the community closer together.

We also wish support the people interested in Japanese culture and connect them with other people and cultures, the international outlook, the tolerance in all areas and international understanding.

Furthermore we produce media content in the audio-visual sector and in the form of printed media as well as online appearances to promote these projects. Thus we support the merger of the projects and communities of interest.

The biggest projects of Moonflow Entertainment, as of now, are Moonflow, Oshimen(-VOD) and AIDOL.

Moonflow is a German WebTV-Channel, the first in the German anime convention scene which mainly deals with Asian Youth Culture. The topics are wide-ranging: Asian music, Asian Movies, Games, Anime & Manga. Moonflow’s speciality is, among others, to deliver the convention feeling to the viewer at home, right into their living room. The live coverages are a wide variety of events to ensure that the audience is right there, even though they are at home. From show/act performances to interviews with well-known celebrities from the scene, the viewer always sits front-row, with the feeling “Being with friends”.
A big milestone was set by the Moonflow-Team on Dokomi 2010, with the live broadcast of the stage program mixed with self-produced shows, that was a premiere in the German anime convention scene.
Also there are several formats planned in 2014 to promote certain topics even more, than before.

The project Oshimen is to act as a German Community themed about Japanese Idols. However, it currently serves as a platform for news about the idol world. More features are planned to be launched soon. These will be various community functions, as well as a database with lots of Information about people, singles, albums and more. Furthermore, Oshimen-VOD is also a sub-project of Oshimen, to replace VID48 as a Video on Demand platform for Idol-Videos to support the fandom and spread the love.

AIDOL is a international project, which was freshly added to Moonflow Entertainment. As a fansubbing team AIDOL works as a connection between Idol fans and the groups themselves through appropriate localization of visual media by subtitles. Just like this, the AIDOL-Team bring the Idol Fans greater access to the Japanese Entertainment.

Another Project, being a premiere is the first Radio Show about Japanese Idols and Music, Wota Now. On February 2013, the first broadcast of the 2 hours long Show about J-Idols and J-Music started on the internet radio channel Kibo.FM. On March 2014 Wota Now will start its seconds season and its second year of broadcast.

Obviously it would benefit everyone as it would enable the Oshimen project to not worry about costs involved if bandwidth usage is heavy and costs for running it increase etc. It would also allow AIDOL to organise future giveaway competitions and if you guys were interested perhaps some merch like T-Shirts… who knows!

It would be appreciated if you could vote for us. Thank you all for your continued support, really you guys are all awesome.

Please vote here: