[AIDOL] Nogizaka46 Musikyun 140404 ep01

Kyun! what is up everyone, mahousentai here.

Today I’m here to give you one of Nogizaka46’s show, Musikyun!
So what is Musikyun? Basically they invite artist that are on the rise and they talk about episodes that makes/made them kyun kyun like a little girl in a Justin Bieber concert.

And their first guest was, Nogizaka46! there’s some pretty cute stories there, go watch it.

oh and they also give them some pretty cool bentou, why? because this show used to be called Bentou Shoujo (pretty much the same thing)

Anyways enjoy!

Translator: mahousentai, Hayate
Timer: Michael Soares
Typeset : Michael Soares