140714 SKE48 EbiSho! – Episode 1


We’re on with the second season of Ebi Fry!
And back with SKE48 EbiSho!
And the subtitles for the first episode are here already!!
In this episode, there’s a surprise awaiting the members who don’t know about the new show yet!
Hot blooded teachers, sadistic students trying to burn each others’ mouths and a bunch of Amachans freaking out about sea creatures!
The excitement is too high to miss this show!

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Dailymotion stream :

[AIDOL] 140714 SKE48 Ebisho! ep01 by aidol_stream

Translator: Half, Hayate
Timer: Rock~kun
Typeset: Michael Soares
QC: Mayuyu, mahousentai

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