Mayuyu’s 2shot guide!


What’s up guys, Mayuyu here!

I’m sure a lot of you have already seen people talking about it somewhere… what with the up-coming, 6th AKB album due to be released on the 21st of January 2015!
That’s right, we’re talking about the 2shot event!
People are already asking me “How do I get tickets?” and “How can a foreign fan go to the 2shot event?”. Well, I’ll definitely write a detailed guide and include screenshots for the application process. The problem is, I can’t get screenshots until the application process opens up, now there are posts around on various forums and Tumblr etc where you can find information for such events if you really need to know right now. You don’t have to worry about not being able to get a ticket though, as it’s not “First-come First-served” – just like all other AKB events they hold a lottery. So everyone has a chance, regardless of what point they apply.

So, I’ll definitely post a guide to the application process and payment etc, but only when it’s possible to actually get all the detailed information required to do so. So please wait for that.

Until then, there are a couple of things you can do to get yourself prepared for the application. The two key things to do before then are:
1) Register with a Japanese forwarding service, personally I use Tenso and will be using this again for my application, so my guide will be based around this.
2) Register with the AKB portal of Chara-Ani.

1. Japanese mail forwarding with Tenso

Okay, one of the most important things is that you have a Japanese mail address where they can send your albums + tickets. Unless you have friends who live in Japan you will need to use a paid service such as Tenso to forward your items to you, this comes at a cost, but it’s worth it.

First up you need to head over to and click on the “Free Registration” button in the top right corner and get yourself signed up. I’m pretty sure I don’t need to do a detailed guide on registration here as the site is in English.
Once you’ve registered they might ask you to confirm your identity and address, for me I used photo ID which had my address on and there was no problem with this.
After you’re all sorted you’ll have a Japanese mail address and details that look like this:

Shipping address for online shopping
東京都 足立区 千住曙町42-4 TS(YOURIDHERE)転送コム


Telephone number for online shopping

The address you’re assigned relies heavily on your TS ID, if you’re posting asking for help, please don’t include that ID, it’s safer not to give it out to anyone.

That’s all for Tenso, they will “confirm” your address properly when you complete your first delivery with them, which for most people will be the Album + 2shot tickets.

2. 48G Chara-Ani Registration

The single most important site for applications! This, my friends… is where the magic happens!

First off you need to head over to the AKB48 Chara-Ani website at, click on the “Log In” button.


This will take you to a page where you can log in or register, we want to register a new account, so click the register button.


This will take you to your typical terms and conditions type thing, don’t pretend like you would read it if it was in English anyway, so just go ahead and sign your life away, click the accept button.


Now you see a big screen where you input all your details! Hooray!
This is the fun part as some fields require full width (double byte) characters, for those parts you probably just want to use this converter here: Click!Note: you should use all capital letters when using the converter.

Unless you use the Japanese keyboard which gives you an option for full width characters, but I imagine if you do use that, you wont be here asking how to register.

Anyway, the form!
This image should give you a basic idea for how to fill it out, I’ve pointed out the main fields and what they mean.


To add to that image, here’s some info.

Username: This is an alphanumeric field, 6-20 characters long and you *must* use lowercase! It will cry otherwise.

Password: Same as the username field.

Password Confirm: Same again.

Name: This asks for your Last and First name, in that order. I advise you enter whatever is on your Passport if you can. However there is a length limit, so if you have a long name like Christopher you can just use Chris – as long as they can see the name is close to that on the passport, it’ll be fine!
NOTE: These fields are double width, so please use the converter to get your name in the proper format.

Phonetic: This is the katakana version of your name, so you need to be able to write your name in katakana. If you need help with that – ask someone who knows a little Japanese!

Email address: Just your email address…
Email address confirm: Again.

Address: You can probably just copy and paste your address from your Tenso dashboard.
If you want you can copy parts from here too:
Postal/Zip Code: 120 0023
Prefecture: Tokyo-to (13th down in the list)
City: 足立区千住曙町
Number: 42-4
Apartment name: TS123456 (use your own number – doesn’t have to be double width)

Phone Number: 0357393341 (don’t use the -)

After you’ve entered everything… hit the pink button. You should hopefully go to a new screen and not get red errors at the top of the page, if you have red errors you either have a capital letter in your ID or you have half width characters where you should have double width characters – probably your name, or it could be you used the wrong characters in your phonetic name.
If you get stuck put the error in to google translate and it will probably give you a rough idea where you went wrong.

Once you confirm that properly (Pink button again, I believe – forgot to screenshot these screens), they will send you an email and you will be able to go log in!
Remember your details as you’ll need them when you come to apply!

If you’ve done both of these things you’re all ready for the big day when the applications open up!
At which point I’ll bring you my next part of the guide, so please join me for that!

Thank you for reading and I hope this was useful!