Shoutout for help!


Hi, this is EraMemory, small-time Translator for a couple of Aidol vids once in a while, and general ranter when it comes to old-generation AKB or Draft members (much to the dismay of the other members forced to endure the hours of lecture)

I’m also the translator of the manga AKB49 Renai Kinshi Jourei, the manga series by Miyamoto Reiji based upon our beloved AKB48 group, as you might know.

Unfortunately due to RL issues our regular Proofreader has been too busy with her studies, and our new Proofreader literally pulled a MIA on us… about two months ago.

The result has been a bunch of chapters cleaned and ready and a whole lot more translated and sitting, but none able to be put out due to the lack of a Proofreader. For 2 whole months.

Souchan and the others have been kind enough to rent me out this little space to make this shoutout- if anyone is interested in being a proofreader and help the series move along, please apply at and the admins will go through your application. We’re looking for someone with a good command of English, sense of flow of the story and punctuation, who can produce work at least at a rate of one chapter a week. If you fit the criteria, we’ll be glad to have you onboard! Please do lend us a hand, I’m honestly scraping the end of the barrel in desperation here.

Once again, much thanks to Aidol for the helping hand! I promise to translate more videos! …Even if… they’re not related to Draft…*mutter mutter*