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Category: Questions on releases

It’s about Takamina’s Mechaike, are you guys subbing it? (A. Said from FB)

Hello! first of all im a big fan of your job, i really enjoy the subs you put on akb videos, thanks. Now i have a question about the Mechaike SP of Takamina’s Graduation, do you plan to work on it or are you working on it? It would be great if you put subtitles on it! Thanks! (J. López from FB)

Aidol-san… Can you please sub the latest Mechaike (Takamina scandal dokkiri sp)? I want this to have sub >< (C.B Reyes from FB)

Can you sub the latest AKB Takamina Graduation Mechaike Dokkiri? (anon from tumblr)

Will you sub Mechaike AKB48 dokkiri sousenkyo SP(2014.12.06)? (anon from tumblr)

Hey, will you sub the Mechaike Special Takamina Scandal? (anon from tumblr)

Hello, are there any plans on subbing Rena’s movie Gift as well as the Mecha Mecha Ike! Dokkiri special with Takamina? (L. Shiong on FB)

Half: Wow, so many requests for Mechaike! Rena’s movie will be subbed by AKB48Bits. You can check their releases on twitter or tumblr.. For Mechaike, I’m happy to say that we’re working on it as we speak.


the time has come?:3 (@okisaphala2 from twitter)

documentary the time has come please? :) (F. ShadowDestroyer from Facebook)

can i ask something min ? Aidol team have sub documentary time has come ? (@ChristsandyP from twitter)

Have you guys started AKB48 The Time Has Come and when do you think you guys will release it? (anon from tumblr)

Will you sub documentary the time has come disc 3 ver too?thanks (hnrystiawan from tumblr)

1.Any chance we might get for Christmas the TIME HAS COME documentary subbed? You hinted at getting it done awhile ago and I’m dying to see it subbed!

2. Is there any chance you can sub any of the older AKB shows like Nemousu? I have been asking many of the subbing groups for this and yet nobody seems to have any interest, which blows me away because the few episodes I’ve seen subbed were incredible.

3. Last, any chance you guys can sub some of the dvd extra docs like the one on the Yuko Oshima graduation dvd… there was some amazing reunion footage of Yuko’s old team members and I would love to know what they were saying. I sort of followed along with my limited Japanese but I would appreciate your expertise in learning more! (D.Vasconi from FB)

Half: Yes, we have started it and yes, we have a release date in mind. We want to make the sub’s quality on par with all of other AIDOL releases so we’re taking our time on it. As to when we will release it? Let’s just say it’s a special day. 😉

For #2, funny you asked, we have a few nemousu episodes in our files which we hopefully release soon as it already at their final process of subbing.

#3, DVD extras are something we rarely sub but if there’s enough request for it and if any of the translators are interesting in subbing it, there’s always a possibility for it to be subbed!

Hayate: ^ +1 for any SKE related :v /

Is there a chance of you guys subbing anything that graduated members are on? TV shows, radio shows etc. (anon from tumblr)

Mayuyu: There’s always a possibility that we’ll pick something up like this if we find it interesting or there’s really a lot of demand for it. It helps a lot if the graduated member is a girl that one of our staff really likes as that helps motivate them to work on it.

hi aidol team, it’s gonna end of 2014 soon… could you finish 2014 akb48 nemousu hawai special ?? it feel like something missing :( (japangirlsugoi from tumblr)

Mayuyu: We’re definitely going to finish these when we can, however this will be something for next year – we’re just so busy with other things right now!

please sub more NGZ48 shows (Yogiswara from FB)

Half: We have some Nogidoko in progress so wait for it. 😉

Will u sub the old akbingo episode with no sub?? ep 154-156,167 and other missing sub too..thanks a lot mvp! (W. C. Dornes from FB)

Half: #154 is already subbed, you can check my subbed AKBingo masterlist for the softsub and yes, AIDOL is slowly working their way to fill in the gaps.

Hoping for more renai sousenkyo…tnx (R.M.S. Pardales from FB)

Half: We have a bunch in progress so definitely a few more will be release.

Are you guys planning on subbing majisuka gakuen 4? (anon from tumblr)

Yukirin: Would you guys want us to do it? 😀

This doesn’t relate to AKB at all but i was wondering if you could sub Shabekuri007 with Keiko? しゃべくり007 2012-10-08 Keiko Kitagawa. Some subber subbed her past times she got on the show and the interactions are funny. (anon from tumblr)

Half: I think it’s better if you contact the same subber who has been subbing Shabekuri007 about it rather than AIDOL.

Are you already finishing subbing AKB49 ?? Or where I can have Ebisho eps 1-3? (T. S. Rahmadhona from FB)

Half: AKB49? The manga? You can get them from Substitute Scans who is translating it (one of our translators, EraMemory helps them). All of Ebisho are on the website, you can grab them here.

i have a question. akb48 group di sokaku matsuri with eng sub. can i find this somewhere maybe you have translate it? when not i hope maybe you can do this because i would know what they say at the beginning (A. Landgraf from FB)

Half: I haven’t found it anywhere subbed. Maybe someone else would know? And about AIDOL subbing it themselves, I think we are pretty occupied with the documentary, mechaike, AKBingo and SKE’s calcio.

are you guys gonna sub all episodes of ebi calcio (plus the extended too)? xD (‏@_Ray021 from twitter)

KudoShinichi: Yeah, of course we are going to! But first we have a couple of BIG releases coming up soon, so look forward to them too!! Huehuehue~~~~~


Michael: seriously people, it’s holiday season!! quit bombarding us asking why this, that & a third ain’t subbed yet. We ain’t got time for all that.

Category: General questions on idols & AIDOL

AIDOL subs many SKE shows now, no love for other sister groups? :v (Anon from tumblr)

I love myaidol really…really2 apreciated your sub….. so good and fast…. But i think myaidol do that to ske only…. Maybe nmb Gennin get sub too i hope…. (A.Syah from FB)

excuse me, do you know where I can find NMB48 Geinin!!! Season 3 that subbed already? cause I just can’t find the rest of episodes (N.P.W. Kencana from FB)

Are you planning on subbing any NMB show? (old or new)? Plus, I was really hoping to see a continuation of the Aidol fansub drama XD (C. Basaldúa from FB)

I really enjoyed the fake sub of AIDOL adventures which used one particular episode of SKE48 Magical Radio as the base. Will we see a sequel for that :D? (anon from tumblr)

Half: Trust me, I am trying to spread the HKT love here (the reason why you see AIDOL’s latest AKBingo release is full of HKT and why our Souchan Yukirin applied for a lot of HKT 2-shots XD). But a lot of the AIDOL staff is SKE oshi which reflects the videos that we translate.

Mostly, we let Teppen Sub Team sub the NMB shows as they are a dedicated NMB subbing group. You can check out Teppen Subs Team for subbed Season 3 Geinin episodes.

The AIDOL fansub drama is just an impromptu thing that I did, I don’t know if I would ever do it again honestly.

Yukirin: YES AIDOL! Where is all the Amina Love!!

can i know what happen to AidolMusic…. why there no more sub pv ? ~~~~ (Anon from tumblr)

Yukirin: AIDOLMusic was just a side-project as we wanted to separate the actual subbed content from PVs. But frankly said, right now we don’t have the needed staff who would actually want to work on PVs, as we really try to focus on the regular releases.

Momo: At the moment it’s a time thing – it’s the time before christmas and everybody has so much to that we do not have the time to sub pvs but one day it will be happening again.

Michael: It’s not dead. I got some stuff that I just never got around to encoding and all that. :v

Hi there,

First of all, thank you so very much for all of the AKBingo subtitles! I really appreciate all the hard work it must be to do this!

I’ve been looking for the softsubs for AKBingo 66-76 (100113-100324). I have almost all of the other AKBingo softsubs except for these (just missing 185). That’s 246 and counting! If these scripts are secret for any reason, I will promise not to give them out to anyone.

PS: I just donated €20! Please keep up the great work! (B.Bsfema from facebook)

Half: Hey there! Thanks for the donation! There’s no secrecy about the softsubs are we always share it if we can. Rather, since this was in the beginning of AIDOL and even before AIDOL has its own page, the softsubs are actually lost! XD

But we have plans on transcribing back the episodes and create new softsubs although we are running low on staff and right now we are concentrating more on subbing the huge videos that is coming soon.

Maybe one day we’ll do it and we will surely post it on our site! Sorry for the inconvenience and once again, thanks for the donation!

I have a question for the guy whose a fan of kus kus. I think you go by mayuyu if I’m not mistaken. What happened to them exactly. By looking at Twitter I see that there are only two girls left. (strikebuster29 from tumblr)

Mayuyu: Hey! I’m not really a big fan of KusKus, that’s Michael and mahousentai. However, I can answer this question. Now there are only 2 girls left, that’s right, it’s Mai and Yui – Maaya graduated last month in November.

Michael: yeah, aihara maaya left a little before their 1 year anniversary and she’s gone solo.

Does anyone on the AIDOL team sub material for other groups besides 48/46Group and if you do where do you upload them? I’m interested in other Jpop groups but there inst seem to be alot of material subbed out there. (anon from tumblr)

Mayuyu: Actually I’m about to start a project with some other people which will be a small sub group that releases Alice Project videos subbed in English, however it’s not going to be a group like AIDOL with lots of releases, or even top quality stuff… right now I will be translating with another fan, but neither of us are at the same level as the translators here at AIDOL. It’s both a way for us to learn and to try spread the love for the girls of Alice Project. If you want to follow us check out the facebook or twitter pages.

Can you explain Oshimen VOD…when is it releasing and will there be streaming or will everything be downloads….what about hard-subs or soft-subs? (anon from tumblr)

I don’t know if this is related but how is the OshimenVOD project coming along? Will we see it in 2015 :D? (anon from tumblr)

Yukirin: Oshimen VOD is a video streaming website dedicated to providing fans with access to hours and hours of idol goodness! From variety shows to music videos to dramas and much more in great, high definition quality. OshimenVOD also aims to be the leading source for streaming subtitled idol videos.

Think of it more like a YouTube channel, with all the content arranged into nice playlists so you can easily find the rest of the episodes for that series… instead of being like YouTube where videos are sprawled out in a mess everywhere.

For now, that means hardsubbed content as streams (for now). No download feature, there are other sources for that.

Actually a final release date is set – People had a chance to apply for closed beta a while ago. Shortly after that – i had pretty serious trouble with my ISP and lots of changes with the server(s) had to be made – so things got further delayed, I’m terribly sorry about that. We’ll start the project soon, that is really soon actually, on a special day for AIDOL (if nothing serious happens again).

i know halfassedsubs help u guys around. and hello fansub helps with akbingo. any chance of collaborating with other sub groups? (anon from tumblr)

Is Halfsan an actual member of Aidol, or just some sort of awesome provisional one? (anon from tumblr)

Half: I hope I’m considered part of this family or else I would feel like intruding every time I barge in their chat, haha. AIDOL’s door is always open for collaboration but we don’t actively seek out help. But our next big project we will collaborate with a famous HKT subber (not me!) so look out for that!

Mayuyu: Half is absolutely one of the family! I don’t know how we’d even survive without this guy around, seriously!

do you guys have a guide how to register on 755? i can download that but i have no idea how to sign up… (G. Pragma from FB)

Mayuyu: You need a JP phone I believe. I think you get a mobile email with Japanese phone services, and you need to use that. Hayate will know.

Hayate: *Hayate don’t know* if you just want to keep track of the latest post by the members on 755, just download the jail755 app.

What is Your priority subbing right now ? Old Akbingo that don’t have sub or SKE ebi calcio? (L.C. Yong from FB)

Half: Right now? It is AKBingo, the documentary and the Mechaike Dokkiri. Calcio is slowly in progress as the documentary and Mechaike takes priority.

will Shimada Haruka ever get her name called during the Senbatsu Sousenkyo? (T. Comtrya)

Half: I pray, I honestly pray, and vote and hope… that next year will be her year. Even at 80th place it will bring me so much joy.

Is there a chance that you will be able to sub content from the overseas sister groups? SNH48 or JKT48? (anon from tumblr)

Half: I don’t think so. I find that JKT48stuff has the best info for foreign fans to get JKT news, they subbed JKT48 related shows as well. As for SNH48, 48 Tea Party subbed the first episode of SNHello and MSA48 sub crew subbed a few SNH48 clips too. Maybe you can refer to those groups for any JKT/SNH subbing request.

Do you guys have a gift for us (48G fans) this xmas day? (melonpandesal from tumblr)
Mayuyu: We’re giving you guys the gift of time, we won’t release anything on Christmas day so you can spend time with your loved ones instead.

Category: Personal & Thoughts

Thank you for all the subs!!!! As a subber, what keeps you guys going to continuously sub so many shows? (theworldneedsheroes on tumblr)

Half: I think our main motivation is mostly driven by the love we have for our idols. Most of us are working and/or students so we use whatever free time we have to sub. We love what we do and we love that other people get to watch and share our subs.

Ale: We are crazy people because we don’t even get pay to do it so you could say we’re the weirdos of the fandom. =0

Kotonk: Doing the subs my Japanese is slowly improving.

Mayuyuihan: We’re crazy, and I want to spread the AKB love to people outside of Japan.

EraMemory: I would like to spread the knowledge and love of AKB to the overseas community. AKBingo is a popular show and often many people’s introductory gate to the world of 48 groups, and so if I can help in any way to increase the fanbase and keep love and support for these girls in any way I can, I feel a little time and effort spent is well worth it. 

OdekoCwush: If I come across a really good moment or episode, I sometimes feel that I have to share it.

Ricky: For me, I help out because I want to help those who can’t understand Japanese to also enjoy the videos. I only understand a little bit of Japanese but without subs I really struggle to understand what’s going on. Also by helping with the subs as a QC I can watch things earlier before its released. :p

Qwink: I want to share the love I have for idols and AKB in particular.

Michael: Fansubbing is something I’ve done for years now. It’s something I can’t see myself NOT doing now. I enjoy it too much. I’ll probably still help out subbing even when I’m as old as Half-san is now :v I hope so.

Half: Oi, I’m not that old!

Keicchi: for me its just plain fun and challenging, its a blast trying to figure out whats going on while pretiming and on top of that i sometimes get to see the translations for a show i really want to see before everyone else :p but seriously tho, i just feel the need to help spread the love to the english speaking community :v /

Mayuyu: It has always been about giving back to the community and spreading the love. When I joined AIDOL I had no idea what to expect really… I’d never been involved in a sub group and I had no idea what I was signing up for. Honestly I (partly) joined because I selfishly wanted to get closer to the group so I could get subs faster and easier, but now that’s not even a factor. I’ve made some great friends here and get to help spread love for the 48G girls.

Yukirin: I guess the most important part for me, is that we want to share what we love and make the community grow. I personally once enjoyed subs passively as viewer. Now I’m giving something back. Its the fans out there being thankful we offer them access to this fandom through our subs. This is what keeps me going. Even though sometimes our personal likes/tastes are scraped for the greater good. Its worth it.

How many people work for aidol? And how long does it usually take to sub say a 20 min episode of something? (anon on tumblr)

It depends on the video. Dramas or animes tend to take less time since they don’t have signs or overlapping talks. But since AIDOL work mostly with variety shows, let’s pretend we’re subbing a 20min variety show.

For each of the process, it depends on the person. Someone like lotsheep can take 30 min to an hour to sub a 20 min episode while Half-san would take around 3-4 hours. Then we have timers who can take around 4-6 hours to time. Variety shows will take longer since they have to time the signs and all the overlapping talks. Typeset will take longer if it’s a new episode and maybe around 5-6 hours if we have subbed the show before. Again, depends on the video. More signs means more work for the typesetter. QC can take 2-3 hours.

So, roughly, for a 20-minute episode (let’s assume it’s a variety show) can take up almost 20 hours of manpower. Even though it might not look much, since we only do this in our free time, a 4 hour timing process can take up to 4 days if we only have an hour to spare each day.

Half: Translation-wise, personally, I would be very fast if my Oshi is in it (because I’m super biased) but most of the time I’m busy with work. So, it varies. Sometimes the whole subbing process can take us a few days, sometimes weeks, sometimes months. The whole AIDOL is about fun and doing it because you want to do it, so there’s no pressures on people having deadlines. Oh, yeah. Money also helps. Lotsheep works ten time faster if you pay him.

Yukirin: I may add there, we’re pretty picky when it comes to quality, as in the looks and language. This mostly leads to things being done from scratch or being fixed. I really want to point out, that we’re not after speed, its quality for us. I know subs are mostly for understanding what is going on, but i needs to look neat and clean. AIDOL-Subs just take their time. As for the number of staff, it fluctuates. The truth is, we don’t force anyone to stay – as we all know life can get busy at some point. Like Amakuchi, who went for National Service. We do have a core number of staff who stays and work on multiple project at once.

If you folks had to point to one moment that solidified your love of Idols, what would that moment be? (anon on tumblr)

Ale: request hour 2012, because since i was a new to akb i didnt know/understand much so i started investigating and casually heard about the request hour and aidol’s stream/chat and watched it with the links given, i got to know many songs (i only knew like 3 or 4) and the whole thing was really fun. (that’s also why a few days later i joined aidol too xD)

Momo: Sousenkyo 2013 saechans speech

Mayuyuihan: The moment that I really started loving AKB was the Kouhaku Utagassen 2012 (not the AKB one, the real one)

Half: For me, it was when I realized they made me laugh harder than anyone ever did. That’s why I love variety shows. The singing and dancing? That’s just bonus.

EraMemory: There was a point in my life I was feeling despondant, exhausted physically and mentally, and AKB was a shining ray of light in those dark times. Since then I feel I’ve owed my life to AKB48, and I would continue to support them as long as they exist.

OdekoCwush: Not really idols, but Jpop. It’s when I watched the Perfume live in Singapore during 2012.

Ricky: Im not too sure when this moment came. I started folling H!P in 2008 and from there I just kept going and found akb a few years after. For AKB, I think it was when my friend showed me the first akb dating sim on psp. I thought it was fun and that got me looking into who they were.

Sacchan: Acchan’s Tokyo Dome graduation, definitely! I remembered thinking, “Acchan and the rest of the Kami7 won’t always be there. These girls are trying hard and I hope they’ll see that people will still support them with or without their ace!”

Qwink: Hard for me to point one moment. I first saw AKB on their video for Heavy rotation. I was like: hey that looks interesting… Then I started watching more music videos and subbed AKBingo and by the time I watched majisuka gakuen I was sold.

Lysu: Guess it’s 2014 Sousenkyo. The first ever live thing I watched. I was amazing, really amazing.

Keicchi: i really dont know….one day im watching anime all the time, and the next day im watching nothing but akbingo and idol shows :v

Michael Soares: It’s not exactly something that had to do with idols directly, but for me, it’d have to be when I decided to join AIDOL and be able to take up a more active role in being a fan that set my love for idols in stone.

Yukirin: Actually I thought it would be the moment i read Amina’s Cinderella story. But when i hit Japan this year, my very first travel to somewhere and met AIDOLMayuyu, I really felt that Idols can bring people together, no matter what race or nationality. The 2shot-event really made me realise that this is what I want to belong to, this has made me what i am now. Idols, AIDOL, and all the amazing friends I made.

Mayuyu: For me I’d have to say the stand out moment was going to Japan earlier this year for the 2shot event and meeting AIDOL’s Yukirin. There’s a lot of actual idol moments where I can say it really made me realise how much I love idols, but the one moment that stands out the most is the moment where I realised I’ve made an amazing friend for life from it all. Idols can bring people together who would have never otherwise met, and for me that’s something truly amazing. I can’t wait to meet the others at the next 2shot… I’m not sure I can deal with all those emotions!

Did your exam work out well? Which is your all time favorite AKB48 song? (S. Ven on FB)

Half: I didn’t have any recent exam (goodbye student days!) so maybe you were directing the question to another staff? My all time favorite AKB48 song is Mushi no Ballad. I make a point to vote for it every year for Request Hour since 2011. (2013 was the best year for obvious reason)

Yukirin: If you are directing your exam-question to me (Yukirin) – Actually it went fine. Probably passed it – there were only a few things i didn’t know and had to guess. Also: Wasshoi B or Team B Oshi.

Momo: Eternal love for UZA

Mayuyu: I have to say Shonichi is my favourite, it’s the song which has the most feeling and emotion for me. I have a lot of love for other songs like Wasshoi B and Hatsukoi Butterfly as well.

Ale: i dont have just one i have lots but if i had to name a few then akb48, eien pressure, douki, kinjirareta futari, amai kokansetsu, tane, Renai Higaitodoke, 16 nin shimai no uta, tengoku yarou, virginity, usotsuki wa dachou, Tsuyogari Tokei… oh my god, i’m never gonna finish XD

Mayuyuihan: All time favorite AKB song is “Yuuhi wo Miteiruka?”

EraMemory: This is a hard choice, but if I had to name one it might be Kaze ga Fuiteiru. I also enjoy other rock-themed songs like UZA as will as songs written from quite a Minus point of view, like Choose Me!

OdekoCwush: Yuuhi wo Miteiru ka, it just has awesome, feel good, lyrics. Makes me stop and think, “do I look at the sunset? do I notice and appreciate the good things already around me?”

Mayuyuihan: Yay, same favorite AKB song!

OdekoCwush: yeah! It’s a song I always come back to.

Ricky: Melon Juice because Naopon :3 haha, umm I don’t know. Don’t really have one but I do like the lyrics for shonichi 

Sacchan: I suppose you can say Iiwake Maybe is the most memorable to me, but my all time favorite AKB48 song would probably be Pioneer. Not only is it an epic song dedicated to the 1st gen, its message is basically equivalent to the saying “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” When I listen to this song, I feel like I can overcome anything.

Qwink: One of my favorite songs is Ponytail to shushu. Every time I listen to that I just get a warm summer feeling, even if I’m walking in the rain.

Lysu: I don’t know, I like a lot of songs. But I’d choose Sakura no Hanabiratachi just because it’s an important song. And the first song to ever make me cry, and the one I am listening to when I am sad.

Keicchi: Ponytail to shushu (or however its spelled :v)

Michael Soares: Heart gata Virus but specifically the time it was sung at AKB’s Kouhaku back in 2011 by Shimazaki Haruka, Yamauchi Suzuran & Mitsumune Kaoru. The part when Paruru was all like, “Zettai ni arienai!” was the cutestestestest… est : /v I’ll never forget it. Flying Get is a very close 2nd though. That weird chicken wing pose they do in the dance is too cute #FryingGhetto

What would you suggest someone do when they’re staring to fall out of the AKB fandom? After my oshi graduated I found another girl to support, but it’s just really hard getting back into everything like I did before. What would you guys suggest? ): (anon on tumblr)

Ale: well, after Paruru graduates im graduating the fandoom so i dont know =0

Kotonk: I don’t have an oshi, I like quite a few of them, so if one graduates it doesn’t affect me all that much.

EraMemory: I feel there is no real way to force another to love the group, and everything has to boil down to the choice of oneself. If you’ve found another love once your oshimen is gone, good for you; if you can’t stay attracted to the group any longer, then best of luck with your next passion.

OdekoCwush: This is difficult. If you don’t find a new oshi, it’s going to be almost impossible. Let’s just hope you won’t let go of whatever show you like, because you might find others there.

Lysu: First, try to be interested in other sisters groups, or Nogi. If that doesn’t work and you still want to find other idols to follow, go to H!P or other idol groups :>

Momo: Stay for the music!!

Keicchi: just watch a team stage, the birthday ones are the best! so many emotions :3

Sacchan: Don’t force yourself. If you feel obligated to support the group because of lingering sentimental feelings, then chances are even these feelings will fade gradually and you’ll find yourself hating every moment you supported these idols you’re not into instead of doing something else that you’ll be probably be much more passionate about. Anyway, there are a lot of idol groups in Japan. If the sister groups aren’t doing anything for you, try searching videos of other idol groups. You might be surprised with what you might just find. :)

Half: Ooof, having your oshi graduating is the worst. For me, personally, after my first oshi graduated I stopped going on forums, I didn’t listen to their music much and gradually watching less and less videos. In short, slowly by slowly, I stopped participating in the fandom. And I was watching a random video one day and this new girl caught my eye. I find her interesting so I watched her other videos. And one day, without realizing it, I was fascinated about this girl and wanted to know about her. My suggestion? Just wait it out. Do what you wanna do. You can’t control who you like and one day your heart may open up again for another girl. If it doesn’t? So be it. And don’t feel guilty about it. Also, you never forget your first oshimen. Happy birthday, Kamei Eri. Still be missing you. :’)

Qwink: I just like the group as a whole. Of course there are girls I like more then others. For me it was really sad to see Acchan graduate. But as I watch AKBingo and music videos there are always other girls that catch my attention. Recently I’ve really started to like Nakanishi Chiyori. She is so funny, and cute, good singer, such lips, very sexy… 

Ricky: Graduations can be really painful for everyone. Even after what happened with the old team 4 made me want to flip tables and just go fuck this shit I’m outta here. To be honest, I really don’t know what to do because everyone is affected differently and I don’t think i really recovered from my losses.

What I did after they disbanded was jumping from sister group to sister group looking for something to fill the void. I went to SKE and got to know some of them then went to NMB and did the same thing but I stopped at HKT coz I thought I found what I was looking for.

At the moment I just see myself as a casual fan. Although my oshi is Naopon, I like everyone as well. Each group has there own unique specialty so maybe try enjoying everything. Hopefully watching a variety of groups will keep you interested.

I’m not sure if my rambling is really helpful, but if you really can’t get back then maybe it’s time for you to graduate.

Mayuyu: Personally I can’t really add much to this as I’ve been lucky enough to not be in the situation where I’ve been falling out of love with the group. However, if you feel that way because of a graduation, then it can’t be helped. Maybe you just need some time to let the feelings settle… Maybe you can try other sister groups or even other idol groups. You need to know what it is you love about AKB, what made you fall in love with them. If it was purely your oshi, then it could be hard to carry on. If it was something else you need to remind yourself that, and try find love in it again.

Michael: Move on, forget about their existence and love Nogizaka46 5ever :p You’ll realize they’re greatly superior to AKB in every way. Now I get why people don’t call them rivals anymore. Like they don’t even have anyone that parallels to EriFlower or Lady Iori :v 5555555555555555 krub

In all seriousness though, if it’s difficult for you to find a reason to be a fan then it is probably best to move on. Apologies if it’s not the answer you want to hear but sometimes it is for the best to find something else you can enjoy. Don’t feel like you need to force yourself to stay. I say this from personal experience.

I remember the original Team 4 was something I was very attached to and I too found it difficult to find a reason stay a fan when they were disbanded. Gradually, the only reason why I cared about 48G was just because I was still a part of AIDOL. I wasn’t really enjoying things but for whatever reason, I thought I needed to stay.

Later I met someone with an interest in Nogizaka. He once brought them to my attention and I jokingly made fun of them lol. But one thing led to another and I decided to watch my first episode of NogiDoko. (Episode 78 – When they get their calligraphy on ) I pretty much fell in love with them instantly and don’t really involve myself much in 48G activities any more. Aside from the subbing part that is.

Yukirin: Actually I thought the Idolchapter closed for me when I quit being a Hello!Project Fan back in 2010 after i saw them in Paris. Almost 2 ½ years later I watched Majisuka Gakuen, as I just felt like watching another Drama. Which led to me researching more about the actresses. […] Lastly I ended up in AIDOL. That pushed me to care for another Idolgroup again and I soon found my KamiOshi, that was (still is) Sato Amina. As a few of you guys know, she graduated early this year, and honestly it still hurts. But meeting her at the 2shot event was something I will treasure maybe until I drop dead. On the other hand I realised another chapter closed for me. Its no secret to say a few people feared i might quit AIDOL or the fandom after this. But also the 2shot event was something helpful to open the next chapter. As i met girls I literally know nothing about. And their appeal made me realise that, even if there is no Kami after a Kami, you can still be a DD. And maybe someday, when your Oshimen graduates, you might be in the same situation. Just follow your feelings. A new chapter will be written sooner than you might realise. Doesn’t matter if its the same Idolgroup or another one.

Hi, i was wondering where are all of aidol is from? I remember reading somewhere that most of you are Singaporeans. (anon on tumblr)

Half: Some of us are but mostly we’re from all over the place! Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, USA, Philippines, Indonesia, Taiwan, Japan, Canada, Germany, England, France, Netherlands, India, Mexico, Vietnam are all represented in AIDOL. A world-wide project as you can see. :)

Question: Is there any way a person who can’t translate Japanese can contribute in a subtitle team? (‏@Lazyb__ on twitter)

Of course there is! You don’t have to be fluent in Japanese to be a timer/typesetter/QC. If you don’t plan to join a subbing team, you can always contribute by donating or click on our CDJapan affiliate links. If you don’t feel like doing that, just watching the video and share it is enough for us. :)

Since you all have translators and all, I was wondering what is the best way to learn Japanese? (anon on tumblr)

Mayuyuihan: Best way to learn Japanese is to watch videos and anime with subtitles (I am Japanese American, and I was born in Texas but learned Japanese as my first language from my parents, then moved to California and went to a Japanese preschool)

Kotonk: Everyone’s situation is different, but I grew up speaking Japanese and after regular(English) school finished, I went to Japanese school every day until high school. After graduating college, I moved to Japan to work for a few years. It also helps that I worked for Japanese companies my entire working life in Japan and U.S.. I also think having a lot of Japanese friends around helps. Maybe taking Japanese languages classes in college can help.

Lotsheep: Learning the Japanese language, or any other language for that matter, all I can say that it takes years of hard study to master it enough to effective translate them. There is no quick advice sadly. I would love to know if you have any instead. All I can say is be if you are serious about learning the language, I would suggest enrolling yourself in real classes so that there might be people to teach and guide you along. At least until your foundations are strong before you learn from the internet. I hope you discover your passion in your learning of languages.

EraMemory: Learning the basics – memorizing and writing hiragana and katakana, as well as learning sentence structure- is a must. One should also improve your listening and conversational skills constantly. Listening to Japanese radio can help; but a constant conversation held with another fluent in the language has the best results.

OdekoCwush: Basics, and then exposure. A lot of exposure. Talking to others in Japanese, talking to yourself in Japanese – it all helps. Listening. Drama. Just build your own Nihongo world.

Ricky: I studied Japanese in high school although we don’t really learn much, mostly basic stuff. But there are a lot of things online which you can read and learn from. Just have a look around. Im not sure which is the best way and there maybe different ways depending on where you’re from.

Qwink: The best way is probably to study Japanese and move to Japan. But that is hard to do. The easy way is just listen to Japanese music and watch a lot of Japanese videos like AKBingo! That’s the way I’ve been doing it and while progress is slow I do feel like I’m still improving. Also helping with subbing videos is improving my Japanese a lot.

Mayuyu: Everyone will find a different way that works best for them.. there’s really no “best” way, but I agree that starting out by learning hiragana and katakana is very important. I remember when I started to try to learn the first time and I was annoyed that there wasn’t so much in romaji… then I realised that romaji was not a good way to learn. Personally, I find a balance of online learning resources, listening to videos and reading/translating posts on G+ and twitter as well as blog posts, to be a great way for me to learn.

Half: Depends on the person I guess. I think classes are great, having classmates who are learning the same thing (a great support group) and a scheduled learning process. Plus, some courses provide you with books and will also help in registering for JLPT.

I suggest you take a class or if you want to self study, start by memorizing Hiragana & Katakana and then learn more vocabs and grammar. Reading manga in their original Japanese helps too, because they have Furigana on their Kanji. Good luck! 😉

Michael: Don’t bother learning Japanese :v Just do like me and find someone that’s nice enough to translate stuff for you from time. Shoutouts to KudoShinichi for being that translator :v /

What do you guys think of sister groups outside Japan? (F. Faradhani on FB)

Kotonk: Sorry, I don’t keep up with SNH or JKT, AKB Japan group is plenty for me already.

Momo: Much SNH48 love because the girls are super cute and totally awesome

Ale: i know they exist but never really care to investigate them =0

Mayuyuihan: I don’t keep track of the other groups like the other members of AIDOL here have posted, I’m way too busy keeping up on AKB itself anyway (and translating as many episodes as I can)

OdekoCwush: Not too fond of them.

Mayuyu: I don’t have a lot of interest in them myself, but I can appreciate what they’re doing and that they’re actually quite an important part of the 48G setup.

Ricky: I never really gotten into groups outside of Japan. I guess it’s because I’m only interested in Japanese girls. That sounds a bit bad though…hrmm I’m sorry if I offend anyone. It’s not that I think other girls are ugly or anything. But I think a good thing about this is that it can improve relationship between countries and get to know their culture a little better?

Sacchan: I love SNH48! And I’m probably one of the very few Zhao Yue supporters in the international fan community~

Qwink: I’m not really into sister groups outside Japan. I was interested in JKT48 a while when Nakagawa Haruka transfered there. She was also one of my oshi (watch Choose me! you’ll see why).

Michael: SNH are hot!!! : /v Marry me Ju JingYi <3

Lysu: I like Savoki very much, and their UZA PV is way better then AKB48’s.

EraMemory: I was initially quite doubtful of both JKT48 and SNH48, especially the latter since China and Japan aren’t exactly on the best of terms. However I’m glad the majority of Indonesia has taken to JKT48 rather well, and of late it seems that SNH48 is managing to fend for themselves too. The songs doesn’t sound too bad in their respective languages, and of course without JKT48 I wouldn’t have discovered Nozawa Rena nor seen Harugon become a center of a song. I remain skeptical of future overseas group, but I wish Aki-P the best of luck if he does decide in going ahead to construct them.

Half: I’m not really into SNH48 (although most of AIDOL are), but I like JKT48. In fact, I think in AIDOL I’m the only one who keep bringing up JKT news to the team, haha! (EraMemory is also beginning to have more interest in JKT48). I’m not Indonesian, but I do understand the language quite a bit so that helps. I like how the 48 Group acknowledges the sister groups as well (inviting them to shows, concurrencies etc). But yeah, if you ask my opinion, I like JKT48, indifferent about SNH48, no thoughts yet about Taiwan48. (PS: I predict there’s gonna be a Bangkok48 (BKK48) in the next 10 years or so, you heard here first!)

have any of u guys met each other within the group? i was wondering how a bunch of strangers could work well without knowing each other beforehand (anon on tumblr)

Half: Some of us have. I’ve met Hayate and Kiyokochan. Yukirin has obviously met with Mayuyu during their Japan trip last year. Yukirin and Momo knew each other before they joined AIDOL. Michael Soares and Ricky have met. Rock-kun and Jersh met up with each other recently.

But I think we can work well regardless if we know the person personally or not. I haven’t met Mayuyu or Souchan Yukirin and they haven’t met me but we know what the other person would be thinking and we work well together. They might not know how I look like, my real name or even much of my personal life. But they know I like HKT48. They know my oshi is Murashige Anna. They know I’m a half-assed translator who takes awhile to translate a video. We’ve never met but they know me.

We understand each other because all of us here in AIDOL are here because we have something in common. I think that’s why we work well.

Yukirin: You could say we quite grew to a big family.

AIDOL in Japan 2015

This is for Mayuyu. I want to thank you for the guide! I got some tickets for April but now I’m panicking on what I shd say coz my japanese is not that good? Can u give me some basic sentences i shd know when i meet them?(anon on tumblr)

Mayuyu: Yaho~

You’re welcome, and congratulations on the tickets. I’m sure that you know my Japanese is also pretty bad – if you watched the “Why did you come to Japan” episode. Honestly, don’t worry about it too much. Also try to keep what you want to say simple, most of what I said in Japanese… well, tried to say, was rushed on the spot stuff and it was kind of hard to remember those things in that moment when you meet your oshi… even speaking in English was tricky at that point because I was just starstruck… I’d never really been like that before, I’m usually pretty good with words and talking to strangers, but yeah… be prepared to completely forget everything you planned when you see your oshi. Honestly, if you’re not comfortable with Japanese you might find it best to stumble through with English. The only problem with learning a few Japanese phrases is you probably wont know what they say to you after you say it to them, or if you do you will have no idea how to reply back. So just find some simple phrases like to say where you’re from, they love to know things like that, especially if you’ve traveled from overseas. Probably the most key would be to apologise for your shitty Japanese, so something like “gomen, boku (use watashi instead of boku if you’re female) no nihongo wa heta desu” – which is just like “Sorry, my Japanese is poor”. Perhaps if you know what pose you want to do, find out how to say that. Usually what you want to say to the girl will be specific to that member though.

Half: Just say, “I will tofu you.”

Yukirin: Sometimes you don’t even need any words (as my voice was completely gone at some point). Just come up with a cool idea like i did with the T-Shirt. They will go all wild and be happy haha.

A bunch of you are going on May 30th for the 2 shot event, are there any plans for meeting up during/before/after the event? Would be nice to meet some of y’all (W. Lee)

Take photos of u all when met at 2-shot… (R. Wong on FB)

Half: We will probably meet up at the event itself. But it’s still a few months away, if we plan anything in the meantime we will sure to update you guys. :)

Of course we plan to take a group picture. We’ll probably make a sign or a banner so that other fans can come up and say hi as well!

Yukrin: Actually – all of you are invited to join us for a massive group picture, if thats even possible. We’ll figure something out.

What’s the legend for the color-code on the 2shot event schedule? twitter → /AidolTeam/status/544481238732398592 – do you really have tickets for all members listed there? (anon on tumblr)


Half: Yes, we do. And the color codes are just a reference point for the staff that has the same member in the same slot. Like in Slot 1, me and Yukirin have Sasshi in the same slot and me, Yukirin, Momo and Keiichi have Shimada in slot 1 as well.


Suggestion: Would love to be able to comment on your web page when you announce releases ^^ To say thank you and just in general (‏@Lazyb__ from twitter)

Mayuyu: We’re actually planning on making a few changes to the website soon, comments is something that we’ll be considering!

As for improvements, you guys honestly are doing it all right, I think. If I HAD to give any suggestions, it would be to post a calendar of upcoming subs so we can anticipate their releases and to get more subbers so you can churn out even more subs faster (though honestly, you guys are FAST, but I run through your subs the second you put them out. I just honestly can’t get enough lol). I would also love someday in the future to see perhaps an ultimate download package of episodes from one program, like download the entire subbed episodes of AKBINGO, etc. Anyway, Happy holidays to you guys. I love you all seriously. Hope to hear from you soon. -d (D. Vasconi from FB)

Mayuyu: I’d really love to do a calendar, but the problem is we have no deadlines or schedules ourselves, except when it comes to birthday releases. As we tell all of our staff – we’re a my pace group, we never ask them to finish anything by a set date and for them to just enjoy working on stuff in their own time, if we push people then they will not enjoy it and the quality of the subs will drop as a result. So because of this it’s hard to predict what we will release and when.

As for batch downloads, there are often things like that uploaded to H!O. But a pack of softsubs might be something we consider sometime next year!


And to all the non-question comments and praises and donations, thank you for much and we read everything! These words mean a lot to the staffs, and we’re glad our work made an impact on you. We hope we answered a lot of things you were wondering and maybe reveal some interesting facts along the way. And if you read every single thing here, you’re the best! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Final bonus question:

okay i know u said don’t ask this but i have to! What is it about souchan and peanut butter? I saw some post sometimes about it and also in the AIDOL drama! ANd I StiLL DoNt GET IT??? (anon on tumblr)

Yukirin: I can see, this story evolves to something like the pink stripes on the pillars in AKB Theater. It dates back to the first ever AIDOL Event i helped with after I joined the Group. It was Request Hour 2013 where we set up a stream and chatroom for everyone to watch with us. I can remember Kudoshinichi and me stayed until the last second and I was eagerly waiting for Banzai Venus to pop up… well it didn’t happen. And I kept saying “next song is Banzai Venus!”… for like.. 20 Songs or something until it came down to #2 and #1. And I wrote the following into the chatroom: “If Banzai Venus ranks #1, i’ll strip cover myself in peanut butter and run naked through the streets.”. Sadly (thankfully) it didn’t happen. But this is kinda the origin of the “Peanut Butter”-Story.