141206 Mechaike! AKB48 Dokkiri Dissolution Sousenkyo SP


Here is another major release from us!! This time, we have collaborated with a close friend in the fansubbing community, BlueMentaiko, to bring you this Mechaike special!
On this Mechaike Special, watch as Takamina and the Mechaike gang prank the entire AKB48 senbatsu into believing that Takamina is involved in a scandal!
Will they be able to successfully prank 30 members all at once!?
Also, judging on the reactions of the members getting pranked, the Dokkiri senbatsu will be nominated here as well!!
Who will finally show the best reaction and turn out to be the Dokkiri Center!?

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Dailymotion stream:
Part 1 :

mechaike_1 by AIDOL_KKS

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Part 2 :

mechaike_2 by AIDOL_KKS

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Translator: KudoShinichi, Half, BlueMentaiko, Lotsheep
Timer: Half
Typeset: Keicchi, Half
QC: Ricky, Mayuyu, Hayate

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PS: We didn’t have SKE48 Calcio and AKBingo weekly release for two weeks but we brought you the Documentary and Mechaike. Forgive us?