[Request] Mizuho & Tsuu graduation: AKB48 Show song vote


Sadly, Yamada Mizuho-chan will be graduating by end of January, and Iwanaga Tsugumi-chan in February, as a result there will only be 6 remaining members left from the 5th generation.



We would really appreciate if people could spare the time to make a request to the NHK site, specifically at AKB48SHOW, requesting for the song “Me ga Itai Kurai Hareta Sora” / “目が痛いくらい晴れた空”.

This song is a very important and treasured song to the 5th generation members in SKE48, so we would love to provide them with the opportunity to perform it one last time on AKB48SHOW.

This is kinda short notice to inform everyone about it, but better late than never, we hope everyone can help out by dropping in a request.

Below are the simple steps:-

  1. Go to this URL: https://www.nhk.or.jp/akb48show/letter/request.html
  2. Fill in the form
    • ニックネーム (Your nickname)
    • 都道府県 (Select the last option: その他 *Others*)
    • 年龄 (Age)
    • リクエスト曲 (Song, please insert: “目が痛いくらい晴れた空”)
  3. Click the pinkish button.And you’re done!


Thanks for your time, and we really hope they can make it to the AKB48SHOW.