150209 Majisuka Gakuen 4 Episode 5


Another week and another battle! And after last week only two of the four heavenly queens remain in Sakura’s path to the top!
Which means, fighting out of the red corner this week, with an array of tricks to use against her opponent, is MAGIC!
What kind of tricks will she use against Sakura, and will Sakura be able to overcome these tricks?
Will we see any other armies start to move their troops to strategically position themselves to swoop in and attack at the right moment?
There’s so much that could possibly happen already, so without any further delay, LET’S SHOW TIME!!!

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[AIDOL] Majisuka Gakuen 4 – Episode 5 by AIDOL_KKS
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Translator: panTsu, Nori-Metal
Timer: Rock~kun
Typeset: Michael Soares
QC: Mayuyu, Ricky