111012 AKBINGO EP156


Acchan, Tomochin, Lovetan, Mayuyu etc etc… it’s a whole gallery of the golden oldies that I love! Bringing to you again one of AKBingo episodes from my era (no pun intended) , it’s Kotoburger as Tomochin professes her appreciation of Sata’s great humor, Sasshi gets mad at Yukirin and Moeno, and Acchan is driven crazy by play-dough.

It’s a long-waited release, because apparently nothing much’s been going on since Majisuka ended. Unfortunately this is the last of the buffer stock of AKBingo episodes I’ve translated; you won’t get any more oldies in a while :/ I’m currently working on the big project of AKB49 Renai Kinshi Jourei the musical, so… go pester the others, though I think they’ve probably got a bunch of their own projects as well.

Edit: And hey, I’ve been told it’s the 100th AKBingo release on Aidol! That’s 100 episodes of 22 minutes each to translate, time, TS and check! And still totally worth it. Because nothing beats spreading the love of AKB. Is there any other better variety? We get to learn how to make (weird) food from Inaba AD (much to Kasai’s chagrin), we get to enjoy the sports of Dodgeball while watching girls suffer via muchaburi, and everyone loves the annual dokkiri that robs AKB members of their faith in humanity. Awesome. We’ll still be doing more and more AKBingo from now on, so stay tuned.

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Translator: EraMemory
Timer: Qwink
Typeset: alfredcastle
QC: Qwink, SacredCutlivator

akbingo-156 by AIDOL_KKS
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