2015 Sousenkyo Appeal Videos


Hello everyone! It’s that time of year again, where the girls are all bidding for your precious votes to help them rank in the sousenkyo!

To try help make your decision a little easier we’re bringing you a couple of videos with English subs to push some of the girls some of our staff want to vote for this year (Mostly Mayuyu and Half…)

As it’s myself and Half who decided to do a few of these, obviously Murashige Anna is in the list! After ranking last year it would be great if she could improve on her rank (and prove Sasshi’s prediction wrong!), I feel she deserves to improve her rank, not only because she’s my oshi, but because she has grown so much in the last year.

There’s also Yokoshima Aeri, since the draft this girl has always appealed to me a lot and is already in my top 3 oshis, I’d really love her to do well this year, if she ranked I would be over the moon with happiness, I don’t expect it but I wanted to sub her video anyway!

Akiyoshi Yuka, or Mikan, another cute HKT kid that both myself and Half adore, to see her rank, in Fukuoka, would be amazing, this kid is a bundle of joy and for her to rank would be great!

Tanaka Yuka, as expected another HKT kid, a lot of people don’t really know much about her, but she’s a little cutie who I feel deserves a bit more exposure. I don’t expect her to rank, but her video was adorable so there we go!


Oh… yeah, of course… what would a release like this be if we didn’t have some trollsubs from Half?

There’s not much to say about this… but this is probably the best appeal video of them all, so consider a vote for her.


DailyMotion Streams:

[AIDOL] HKT48 チームKⅣ 村重杏奈 (Anna Murashige) by AIDOL_KKS

[AIDOL] AKB48 チームB所属 横島亜衿 (Aeri Yokoshima… by AIDOL_KKS

[AIDOL] HKT48 チームH所属 秋吉優花 (Yuka-Akiyoshi) by AIDOL_KKS

[AIDOL] HKT48 チームKⅣ所属 田中優香 (Yuka Tanaka) by AIDOL_KKS

[AIDOL] AKB48 チームK所属 島田晴香 (Haruka-Shimada… by AIDOL_KKS

Translator: Mayuyu, Half, Tsunamu
Timer: Mayuyu, Half
Typeset: Mayuyu
QC: Mayuyu, Tsunamu, Hayate