SKE48 Team KII – 41st Single Senbatsu Sousenkyo Appeal Comment Videos


We’re back with the Sousenkyo Appeal comment videos for the Team KII members now!!
Hope you have all ordered your CD’s and votes already~
This is our ONE chance to thank the members for all their hard work and for spreading a lot smiles everyday!!
Please remember that each and every vote you enter counts! One of the things that SKE48 stands for is perfection, so let’s make sure this time the SKE48 Senbatsu Sousenkyo Domination is nothing short of perfect majority!!
And if you’re not yet familiar with the members yet, this is a perfect chance for you to find a new oshimen as well! So enjoy the Team KII campaign videos, and we’ll be back with Team E and the Kenkyuuseis soon! So definitely check back after some time too!

The voting site for the Senbatsu Sousenkyo, by using the voting serial numbers obtained along with the 40th Single is HERE.

Aoki Shiori:

SKE48 Team KII – Aoki Shiori by AIDOL_KKS

Arai Yuki:

SKE48 Team KII – Arai Yuki by AIDOL_KKS

Ishida Anna:

SKE48 Team KII – Ishida Anna by AIDOL_KKS

Uchiyama Mikoto:

SKE48 Team KII – Uchiyama Mikoto by AIDOL_KKS

Ego Yuuna:

SKE48 Team KII – Ego Yuuna by AIDOL_KKS

Oba Mina:

SKE48 Team KII – Oba Mina by AIDOL_KKS

Kitano Ruka:

SKE48 Team KII – Kitano Ruka by AIDOL_KKS

Goudo Saki:

SKE48 Team KII – Goudo Saki by AIDOL_KKS

Souda Sarina:

SKE48 Team KII – Souda Sarina by AIDOL_KKS

Takagi Yumana:

SKE48 Team KII – Takagi Yumana by AIDOL_KKS

Takatsuka Natsuki:

SKE48 Team KII – Takatsuka Natsuki by AIDOL_KKS

Takayanagi Akane:

SKE48 Team KII – Takayanagi Akane by AIDOL_KKS

Takeuchi Saki:

SKE48 Team KII – Takeuchi Saki by AIDOL_KKS

Hidaka Yuzuki:

SKE48 Team KII – Hidaka Yuzuki by AIDOL_KKS

Furuhata Nao:

SKE48 Team KII – Furuhata Nao by AIDOL_KKS

Matsumura Kaori:

SKE48 Team KII – Matsumura Kaori by AIDOL_KKS

Yamashita Yukari:

SKE48 Team KII – Yamashita Yukari by AIDOL_KKS

Translator: KudoShinichi
Timers: Pervies, Rock~kun, Key
Typesetting: Michael Soares
QC: Hayate, Mayuyu