SKE48 Kenkyuusei + Extra – 41st Single Senbatsu Sousenkyo Appeal Comment Videos


We’re back with the Sousenkyo Appeal comment videos of the Kenkyuuseis!! So, here’s the future of SKE48 before you right now! If you’re not yet familiar with the names and faces of all the 7th gen members, here’s your chance to know more about them through these videos!! And you might as well find a new oshimen among them too~ So, definitely vote for them if you find one~
Also, we have some bonus videos for you as well! Enjoy~

Aikawa Honoka:

SKE48 KKS – Aikawa Honoka by AIDOL_KKS

Asai Yuuka:

SKE48 KKS – Asai Yuka by AIDOL_KKS

Ota Ayaka:

SKE48 KKS – Ota Ayaka by AIDOL_KKS

Obata Yuna:

SKE48 KKS – Obata Yuna by AIDOL_KKS

Kataoka Narumi:

SKE48 KKS – Kataoka Narumi by AIDOL_KKS

Kawasaki Narumi:

SKE48 KKS – Kawasaki Narumi by AIDOL_KKS

Goto Rara:

SKE48 KKS – Goto Rara by AIDOL_KKS

Suenaga Oka:

SKE48 KKS – Suenaga Oka by AIDOL_KKS

Sugiyama Aika:

SKE48 KKS – Sugiyama Aika by AIDOL_KKS

Takahata Yui:

SKE48 KKS – Takahata Yuki by AIDOL_KKS

Tsuji Nozomi:

SKE48 KKS – Tsuji Nozomi by AIDOL_KKS

Nojima Kano:

SKE48 KKS – Nojima Kano by AIDOL_KKS

Machi Otoha:

SKE48 KKS – Machi Otoha by AIDOL_KKS

Murai Junna:

SKE48 KKS – Murai Junna by AIDOL_KKS

Wada Aina:

SKE48 KKS – Wada Aina by AIDOL_KKS

AKB48 Team B – Fukuoka Seina:

AKB48 Team B – Fukuoka Seina by AIDOL_KKS

AKB48 Team 4 – Komiyama Haruka:

AKB48 Team 4 Komiyama Haruka SSK Appeal Eng Sub by jerviesm

Translation: KudoShinichi
Timing: Pervies, Rock~kun, Key
Typesetting: Michael Soares
QC: Hayate, Ricky