141108 SKE48 EbiCalcio! – Episode 5.5 (Extended Segment)


On this episode, Matsumura and Tani try applying for a bit of a different kind of lottery prizes!
Will they be successful on this attempt of theirs!?
Also, they suddenly start winning some of the prizes for which they had previously applied for!!
Will they get the food and meat which they are desperately hoping to win!? And will these prizes help get them closer to their goal of winning 100 thousand Yen already!?
Finally, Matsumura tries cooking up a dish on her own with the available ingredients!! How will this turn out!?

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[AIDOL] 141108 SKE48 Ebi Calcio Episode! 5.5 by AIDOL_KKS
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Translator: KudoShinichi
Timer: Key
Typeset: Michael Soares
QC: Mayuyu