[Request] Matsui Rena graduation: Matsui Rena SHOW


Matsui Rena, who announced her graduation recently,
let’s present her this TV programme as a gift.

Currently NHK BS Premium is airing the 「AKB48 SHOW!」,
let’s make the extra segment 「Matsui Rena SHOW!」happen.

From the TV programme request page,
We, as fans can reach to the tv programme staff,
about 「Thought to Matsui Rena-san」 and strong hope for「Matsui Rena SHOW!」

We would really appreciate if people could spare the time to make a request to the NHK site, specifically at AKB48SHOW, requesting for
– Production Request for「Matsui Rena SHOW!」
– Performance Request for Matsui Rena live singing “Kareha no Station”, along with live instrumental performance of that song with Furuhata Nao on sax and Azuma Rion on piano.

Below are the simple steps:-

1. Go to this URL: https://www.nhk.or.jp/akb48show/letter/index.html
2. Fill in the form
3. Click the pinkish button.And you’re done!

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 1.14.59 AM

  • ニックネーム (Your nickname)
  • 都道府県 (Select the last option: その他 *Others*)
  • 年龄 (Age)
  • 性別 (Gender) : (Male | Female)
  • ご感想・メッセージ (Thoughts, Request), please insert: (「松井玲奈SHOW」をお願います,「AKB48SHOW」にて古畑奈和サックス & 東李苑ピアノ 生演奏&松井玲奈生歌『枯葉のステーション』をリクエスト)

Thanks for your time, and we really hope they can make it to the AKB48SHOW.


Another help, currently the viewing rate of TWO ROSES on youtube is about 400,000.
We hope everyone can help to increase the viewing rate up to 1,000,000 before Matsui Rena graduates. Thanks
Link as below: