Fairies’ 5th anniversary project


Fairies will celebrate their 5th anniversary on September 21st. and this project is for us –international fans– to congratulate our precious girls on the special occasion.

It is basically a support-messages album/book that will be sent to the management’s mail address. The main purpose of this project is to help Fairies realize that they have fans supporting them from different parts of the world.

Who is ‘Fairies’?


Fairies is a Japanese idol group formed in 2011 by Vision Factory and under Sonic Groove label. The group is consisting of 6 members. (left to right: Miki, Rikako, Miria, Momoka, Sora & Mahiro) Learn more about them here.

Also our friends over at ShiroiTenshi have subbed a few PVs – either check their website or their youtube.

Important notes:
– If you find difficulty in expressing in English or Japanese, we can help.
– Try to make your message short (maximum 4 lines).
– If you want your message to be in English, make sure you use simple words as Fairies’ English isn’t very good.
– You can add up to 2 images to your message, and they will be resized according to the template we will use. Zoomed-out photos are not recommended.
– You can add photos of yourself, your Fairies merchandise, or your country’s landmarks.
– Tumblr’s ask box doesn’t allow photos, so use ‘submit’ instead.
– If you have a question, contact any FairiesJpop.
– Messages will be organized according to earliest received msgs to latest, so send your message early to be on the first pages.
– There will be a section for fan-made pics/edits, so feel free to submit yours.

Please add your information between the brackets (Twitter account is optional) and type your message.

Message (Japanese or simple English):

To participate, all you have to do is send the required information and message to any of the following Accounts via DM:




(or just send a Message to AIDOL with your message and we’ll forward it accordingly)
The project is carried out by Nonbon_eri, Meivuyoutube, and FairiesJpop owner SoraOhno.