Hi everyone!

We have implemented a donation button.

As you know, we are paying for the website costs and premium file serve with our own pocket money.

“Commerce is fine. Advertising is not evil. But it doesn’t belong here. Not in AIDOL as well.”
Is something we wish to believe.

We are a non-profit organisation but there are things which we would like to have! For example a “Vimeo Pro” account and such.

So if it’s within your means, please help us by donating.

Any amount helps and we will definitely put it to good use (^.^) – None of the money will go into our pockets. It will all be saved up to give back to you guys in the form of things like better/faster streaming servers, events with real prizes etc.



(100421) AKBINGO! Episode 80

AKBINGO 100421 preview 1

Hi Everyone!

Sorry for the long wait!!
It’s finally a episode of AKBINGO! from us!
If you watch this episode, you would have realised our typesetting
kinda levelled up.
It’s all thanks to alfredcaslte great work!
We hope you enjoy watching this episode as much as we do.

This week it’s Yukirin vs Rabutan in Shojiki Shogi.
Also, the 2nd half of the show shows how Nyan Nyan is doing for her no3b challenge!
Don’t miss it!

AKBINGO 100421 preview 2

Video Information

Original Title:(AKB48) AKBINGO! 100421 (1280×720 XviD)

Length: 00:23:29

Resolution: 1280×720




Translator: azn.jedi
Timer: ReA, Kira
Typeset : alfredcaslte
QC: H!F(SacredCultivator)

Takahashi Minami Janken Taikai

Janken Takamina Preview 2

Hi everyone!

Here’s our weekly release!
Sorry for the AKBINGO break, we promise it will be back soon as we are currently clearing all the videos which we owe to the players in the different games :)

Right! This week it’s Takahashi Minami Janken Taikai,
“It’s because of Takahashi Minami that AKB48 has because what it is now”
look at what our leader have to do before the event starts and ends.

Janken Takamina Preview 2


[AIDOL] AKB48 Janken Taikai – Takahashi Minami… by aidol_stream

Credits To

Translator: Bhemfine
Timer: ReA, Kira, NganBee
Typeset : ReA

AIDOL x Everyday48

Hi Everyone,

We announced recently that we would be taking off the chat system of our website and deactivating the twitter account and here’s the reason why:

We are colloborating with Everyday48 and they have created a sub-forum just for us!

You can access the everyday48 forum here –

If you scroll down, you will notice a separate category titled “Aidol” and that’s where all the awesomeness will happen!

The reason behind this is,

initially our twitter was created to host events and post news updates on Idols,

however, we are not able to update as fast as the ebi48 and many other twitter sources do.  In addition to that, it seems that it is troublesome to message us with the answers for our events as the answer sheets tend to be much longer than the limited number of characters that twitter allows.

Therefore, with this colloboration,

– everyone may now communicate with the staff here more directly through the forum (PMs and replies are possible),

– we’ll have a more fair and easy way to participate in the events,

– there will be a whole new set of things for you all to do. ( Communicate with the fans there, games, downloads, etc )

Although the ebi48 forum is a great place to communicate with us, don’t forget that you can still use our facebook page and/or website to check for the latest releases.

We hope you would be excited on this colloboration as much as we do.

Thank you.

Recruitment – 3rd Generations Staffs

Hi Everyone!!

We are recruiting again!!!

If you think you fit the qualifications below! Please apply and join the family!! (>.<)



-LOVES AKB48/H!P/BOTH ( Please do tell us when you apply)

-Knows Japanese

-Thinks that you want to give back to the community by helping out with subbing



-LOVES AKB48/H!P/BOTH ( Please do tell us when you apply)

-Knows a little  Japanese

-Able to use aegis sub

-Thinks that you want to give back to the community by helping out with subbing

We are kinda like a group which loves fooling around but when it comes to work we are serious!

If you are hesitating because you think that there are time constraint, please do not worry as we run a system of someone will take over you if you have to do something important urgently or simply have exams we will slow down the pace for you.

Update 1 : Sorry for not updating about it but we have enough timers for now! Thanks!!


Hi all!

In conjunction with the previous announcement,

we would like to introduce the “Confessions” corner!


If you enter it from the navigation bar on top, you will notice that all the members’ profile pictures are inside…

That’s right! Whenever we release a girl’s confession scene, her profile pic will become opaque.

Clicking on her will open a pop-up window where you can view both the old AKB 1/48 Koishitara and the new AKB 1/48 in Guam confession scenes.
You are advised to watch it in full screen though.

Fans who have followed us since the beginning will know that we previously subbed all of the girls’ confession scenes for Akb1/48 koishitara.

We have decided to re-translate + QC all of the videos again in order to bring you better quality translations!

Alternatively you can watch the videos here at

Do note : All video password is “myaidol”  

This project page was brought to you by Bo-chan and Kian who put in a few days of hardwork programming and designing the whole segment.

The information is taken from our partner site

Please remember to give them your thanks (^.^)





[AIDOL] NMB48 – Mayonaka Panchy Week 1-4

Mayonaka panchy 1

Hi Everyone!
Each week on Mayonaka Panchy a member of NMB48 will be invited to expose some “secret” of each other.

It’s the perfect show to watch as each week the member will be introducing themselves beside exposing each other.

Week 1

Mayonaka panchy 2

Week 2

Mayonaka panchy 3

Week 3

Mayonaka panchy 4

Week 4

Mayonaka panchy 5

This is a requested video by Outtaven who won 3rd in our Ultimate Aidol Challenge which we held recently.
We hope you like this video as well (^.^)6
Torrent Download

Stream – 001 – 002 – 003 – 004

Translator: Bhemfine
Timer: ReA
Typeset : ReA
QC: Shin, rendeification, IAMGUNDAM
Encoder : ReA
Reuqested by : Outtaven

(100414) AKBINGO! Episode 79

AKBINGO 100414

Here’s another episode of the much awaited AKBINGO!
This is the final part of the 2 part series where they send 10 assassin to fight against Jurina so that she will get pied! For the first time ever!

Will the members of AKB48 finally get to give Jurina her first pie on the face?
Be sure to watch it!!

With this release I hope to introduce, Ricky.
Another new qc! Please do take care of him as well.

If you have noticed we have quite alot of QC. This is because they are fixing
different parts of the show, example , timing, langage and etc.
They are all doing their best in order to provide with you quality work.

AKBINGO 100414 thumb

Video Information

Original Title:(AKB48) AKBINGO! 100414 (1280×720 XviD)

Length: 00:23:29

Resolution: 1280×720



Translator: Vincent
Timer: Ngan Bee
Typeset : Ngan Bee
QC:  H!P, Rendeification, Ricky, aznjedi

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