Minegishi Minami Janken Taikai


Janken Mii-chan Preview 1

Hello everyone,

PHEW! Finally it’s done. This episode took us longer than expected (>.<;)
Mii-chan talks really fast and unclear so it’s a really hard episode to sub.
Nevertheless, this episode should not be missed out!

Janken Mii-chan Preview 2

Mii-chan talks about how hard it is in the entertaiment world, and..
WHAT? Hirajima Natsumi actually told her what she is going to go for before the tournment?! Will she do as what she said?

With the release of this episode, I would like to introduce our new QC!
Shin! Do take care of her! (^.^)/~


Edit: So sorry, the previous version had some problem with the typeset and timing.

Please use this version instead.


[AIDOL] AKB48 Janken Taikai – Minegishi Minami… by aidol_stream

Credits To
Translator: Azn.Jedi / Bhemfine
Timer: Ngan Bee
Typeset : Blake
QC: Shin, IAMGUNDAM, Blake

Site updates

Hi everyone!

I have removed some of the backgrounds and added a few more.
Hope you all enjoyed them (^.^)

I also updated the about page with our new members as well!!
We hope you enjoy your stay here!

UAC winners

Hi everyone!

After 3 long lasting weeks, our winners have finally emerged.

Congratulations to StalkAPPLE,Yankee_Soul and outtaven.

~  StalkApple /Team Annoying ~

Shukan AKB 091023

Shukan AKB 091030


~ Yankee_Soul ~

Nemousu TV season3 ep11

Yokohama Arena 2010 MC ( Majitsuka Gakuen )


~ Outtaven ~

NMB48 – Mayonaka Panchy 1st Week – 4th week

We will be subbing these videos requested by them (^.^)

We hope you will like it too.

(100407) AKBINGO! Episode 78

AKBINGO 100407 preview 1

Here’s another episode of the much awaited AKBINGO!
This weeks is part 1 of the 2 part series where they send 10 assassin to fight against Jurina so that she will get pied! For the first time ever!

AKBINGO 100407 preview 2

Will the members of AKB48 finally get to give Jurina her first pie on the face?
Be sure to watch it!!

Video Information

Original Title:(AKB48) AKBINGO! 100407 (1280×720 XviD)

Length: 00:23:29

Resolution: 1280×720


Translator: Vincent
Timer: Ngan Bee
Typeset : Ngan Bee
QC:  H!P, Rendeification, Ricky, aznjedi

Recuiting!! v2

Hi Everyone!!

We are recruiting again!!!

If you think you fit the qualifications below! Please apply and join the family!! (>.<)



-LOVES AKB48/H!P/BOTH ( Please do tell us when you apply)

-Knows Japanese

-Thinks that you want to give back to the community by helping out with subbing

We are kinda like a group which loves fooling around but when it comes to work we are serious!

If you are hestitating because you think that there are time constraint, please do not worry as we run a system of someone will take over you if you have to do something important urgently or simply have exams we will slow down the pace for you.

*Edit. We might need 1 or 2 QC as well. Do apply (^.^)/~
*Edit. We have reached enough timers for now. Sorry about it.

*Edit. We have reached enough QC for now. Sorry about it

Please apply at


We will be waiting! (^.^)/~


(100331) AKBINGO! Episode 77

100331 akbingo preview

Here’s another episode of AKBINGO!

In this episode, a few of the girls share some heart-warming stories which will have you sobbing in no time!

It’s amazing just what sort of hardships these girls have gone through but I won’t say anymore because this is an episode you definitely won’t want to miss~

100331 akbingo thumbs

Video Information

Original Title:(AKB48) AKBINGO! 100331 (1280×720 XviD)

Length: 00:23:29

Resolution: 1280×720



Translator: Vincent
Timer: Ngan bee
Typeset : Ngan bee


aidol event

Ladies and gentlemen! Do you think your oshimen deserves more screentime? Has there been a time when you wished that latest AKB or H!P -related show was translated because there were just so many handsome ‘men’ in it? Or maybe you just want your favourite little video clip to be subbed to show your friends how awesome AKB48/H!P is? WELL, WE CAN HELP WITH THE LAST TWO!

Starting RIGHT NOW, we will be recruiting contestants to participate in 3 rounds of games, the details of which will be announced via our twitter (@AidolTeam) closer to when each round will begin. So get yourselves an account on twitter and @mention us with your name before 11:59pm gmt+8 this Thursday (8 Sep ’11) to enter the ULTIMATE AKB48 QUIZ CHALLENGE.
There is no limit to how many contestants can enter round 1 so even if you’re a casual fan, join up anyway! You never know…maybe you’ve actually got what it takes to win this!

Oh, and be prepared with as much knowledge about AKB48 and anything AKB48-related. That will be your most useful weapon…

Here are the details of the event~

Contestants will be registered from now till 2359 GMT+8 THURSDAY 8th Sep ’11. There is no limit to how many contestants can participate in round 1. There will be 3 rounds in total and 3 winners will be selected after the final round.
To apply, @mention AidolTeam on twitter and you will be entered as a contestant under your twitter name.
(eg. @AidolTeam I want to be a contestant!)

Prizes are as follows:

The winner will get to pick any AKB48 or Hello! Project -related video under 45mins long and COMMAND US TO TRANSLATE IT.

( You may want to split up the 45 min and ask us to translate 2 episodes of 20+ min video. Eg. 2 Episode of Nemosu, Shukan etc )

Runner up prize : Any AKB48 or H!P -related video under 30mins long.

( Examples might be , SHUKAN AKB, NEMOSU TV, MADA MADA KORE KARA, etc of course other variety shows as well, as long as there is appearance of AKB48 or H!P girls )

Second runner up prize: Any AKB48 or H!P -related video under 15mins long.

(Examples might be, Aitakatta making of, Janken Senbatsu solo camera, 2 episodes of Aitakatta road major debut, Making of’s and any other variety shows as well, as long as there is appearance of AKB48 or H!P girls )

Round 1:

The game/challenge/quiz will begin on 2359 GMT+8 Friday 9th Sep ’11.

Answers will be accepted via twitter until 2359 GMT+8 Sunday 11th Sep ’11.
Please direct message your answers to us (it’s different from @mention) so that no one else can see it. We will be following all contestants to facilitate this but will unfollow those who are eliminated.

The results will be announced on twitter on Wednesday 14th Sep ’11 and the top 20 contestants will proceed to round 2! The rest of our contestants, though we cherish you all, will sadly be eliminated.

Round 2 will occur on the same days the following week, and round 3 the week after.


The scores for each contestant will reset at the beginning of each round.

This entire event will be held on twitter so don’t forget to follow us! (@AidolTeam)

Only one person per account can join as a contestant.

Aidol reserves the right to reject and ask for another video if we deem the video not suitable for subbing due to various reasons.

After the application deadline, no more users will be registered for the event.

Translation Glossary

Translation Glossary

Hi AIDOL fans and friends!
If you have noticed we have added a new section named, [ Glossary ]

Message from Developer:

Hi AIDOL followers! I have come up with this glossary section as I have noticed that some ofthe words are untranslated and remained as they were in some of our shows, for example, "Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu". We figured that it would be bad of us to leave it as it is without some simple translation. Thus we came up with this list. It will be updated from time to time so if you watched our shows and wonder what's a word means, please feel free to visit this new section.


In AIDOL we hope to improve so that we can make your experience with us wonderful (@^.^@)

Kashiwagi Yuki Janken Taikai

Janken Yukirin Preview 1

Hello everyone,

Today, we’ll follow our Yukirin to the backstage of Budokan before the Janken tournament starts!
Such nervous, hillarious, “my pace” Yukirin sure will bring us great moments of time watching her preparation for the tournament!

Even though we’ve already known what the result would be but definitely cannot miss her famous reaction of our Queen.

Janken Yukirin Preview 2

In this episode, Yukirin talks about how positive she is before the Janken Taikai !

Even her father messaged her! As for what she said and what her father messaged her, please do watch to find out (^.^)/~

You will also get to see how Yukirin is backstage, how the members react and treat her!

Be sure not to miss it!!


[AIDOL] AKB48 Janken Taikai – Kashiwagi Yuki no… by aidol_stream

Credits to
Translator : Azn.Jedi
Timer : Ngan Bee
Typeset : Ngan Bee, ReA
Requested by : _Dystopian_

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