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Announcing the creation of not only our new Aidol newsletter, but also it’s home on tumblr!

You can view and download it here

Tumblr shrank the photos so we definitely recommend you download the originals and view them that way 😀

We’re aiming to release this reasonably often (maybe once a month?) but it all depends on feedback from each and every one of you! Please have a look at issue 1 and let us know if there is anything that we should improve on, change, add etc to make it a publication that you find interesting and will download each month~

The Aidol Newsletter was brought to you by:


Designer: Bhemfine, IAMGUNDAM

Writers: mshaydown, Just Another Wota

Comment contributions: IAMGUNDAM, azn.jedi, Shin, Bhemfine, Ngan Bee

Special mention: StalkApple and EpicFaye for providing great suggestions during the conceptual phase of this project


AIDOL Reopens!

Epicfaye welcomes you to AIDOL’s reopening! Yes, AIDOL friends, we’re back from the Black March campaign! As promised, we would released four new videos, and we’d released April’s Wallpaper Pack soon! Also, AIDOL’s on G+ too! It will totally be the same there as our facebook.
Follow us and maybe get our new AIDOL badge merchandise while you are on the way!
Check it out!

For Aidol G+ Link

For people who is interested in the badge/have pre-ordered the badge,
we have come out with the shipping price.
More details here

Ps. Did we mention that we only brought 100 of them and we have like 30+ staffs? Haha.

Ah yes lastly, I have had people reminding me that today’s April Fool’s day.
So well, there isn’t any release today (>.0)
Yeap. Seriously.Have you seen them?

Latest updates on AIDOL website!

Hi everyone! If you have been roaming our website recently, you would have noticed that there are lots of changes around.
Thus, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce these new features to you.

This feature has been around for quite sometime but it has not been used. I guess people are confused to use whether to use the facebook twitter or this. Bascially, this is a spambox.
As you can see it’s already being spammed (LoL). It’s a place where you can drop by and say a quick thanks , a question like ( when is xxx going to be release ? ) or ( what’s our vimeo password ).
However, even though this is a spam box please do take note, offensive spam will be removed.

Latest Headline
If you have noticed with the twitter at the side is gone,it no longers show the latest post of our twitter site.
However, with the introduction of latest headlines feature, new twitter posts shall appear there!
Along with other news flash/emergency news that we would like everyone to take note. Please read this part of our website for quick news update.

Design Us!
We need your help to build AIDOL website! Yes, you can help us build the AIDOL website. Right now you can help us by sending in background image of minimum dimension of 1920 by 1200 pixels image.
We will choose one selected entry and announce it and use it on our website! Please visit the page for more information. For any enquiry, please email us or write on our facebook wall!

The partners column has been changed into small banners for better graphics. I hope you guys like it!

This is brought to you by the AIDOL team! Thank you for always supporting us :)


Hi Everyone!!

We are recruiting!!!

If you think you fit the qualifications below! Please apply and join the family!! (>.<)

Don’t worry I will be nice to you all!! *cough*



-LOVES AKB48/H!P/BOTH ( Please do tell us when you apply)

-Knows Aegis Sub

-Knows basic Japanese

-Thinks that you want to give back to the community by helping out with subbing



-LOVES AKB48/H!P/BOTH ( Please do tell us when you apply)

-Knows Japanese

-Thinks that you want to give back to the community by helping out with subbing

We are kinda like a group which loves fooling around but when it comes to work we are serious! And right now we are looking for 2 timer, 1 H!P translator , 1 AKB48 translator . Best if you can do both we hope you can do the group that you really like!!

If you are hestitating because you think that there are time constraint, please do not worry as we run a system of someone will take over you if you have to do something important urgently or simply have exams we will slow down the pace for you.

Please apply at

We will be waiting! (^.^)/~


Edit: Recuiting has ended please wait for the next round :)

The Search Menu Bar Is Here!

AIDOL Search Menu Bar Is Here!
Hi AIDOL fans and friends! Our developer has came up with another function for our website!
He’s been working very hard for the team coming up with new updates. So please keep supporting us!

Message from Developer:

Hi AIDOL followers! I have came up with this search engine that you guys might need in the future, hope you guys like it.
It took me about 6 hours to finish, so I really hope you guys like it :)
I hope to bring more functions and features in the future and thanks for showing the support by getting us more than 25 likes on the status!
Email to contact me for any bugs. Thank you!

Releases Category Menu

AIDOL Release Category Menu
Good day AIDOL fans and friends! We have a good news as there is an update to the website today!

Message from Developer:

Hi people,
Now you will be able to navigate through different categories in the release page to view the specific category of the post you are looking for!
I hope this brings much more convenience to you users! Cheers!

Hope you guys like it!

AIDOL Website Officially Launched

AIDOL 3.0 logo

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to AIDOL official website!

This website is done by our website designer “Kian”  for around 3 months and I wish to thank him from the bottom of my heart.

Without further a due , let me give you a little orientation of this place.

Menu Bar

If you notice at the side there is always this menu to be seen , please us that to navigate around.

If you are wondering what AIDOL stands for , it’s for post related to AIDOL meaning events , announcement, website updates etc.


If you notice our mascot at the side, you can seek a preview of what’s the latest news at our twitter.

Similarly, you can click it and it will direct you to our twitter site.


As we are facebook base, not you can “like” us or the episode which we have release simply by click on the “like” button which can be found anywhere

Please do note that we would like to continue talking to everyone at facebook thus we will continue to post our release on our facebook where you can ask us questions or simply chat with us!

External Links

This are our Official Partners, without them , AIDOL was not possible so please do support them as well!

Lastly , I would like to extend our warmest welcome to our website.

As our website is still new , there will still be construction all around the site.

There might be bugs or links which are not working, thus please do help us by telling us about it when you spot them.

Please also  give us feedback of the website

EVENT: Opening of the website

Here are the name list of the girls which we will be subbing for the previous “Janken Taikai Solo Camera”


AteOneZero – Nakagawa Haruka
_Dystopian_ – Kashiwagi Yuki
bukx24  – Minegishi Minami
aefan_27 – Itano Tomomi
takoyukii – Takahashi Minami
BlaKe_SilenCe – Oshima Yuko
fyeahSUNMI – Miyazawa Sae


Please tell us on facebook if you wishes to change the name which we will be crediting.

Thank you. For those who did not make it please stay tune for our next event.

( ^ _ ^)∠☆

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