[News] NMB48 Yamada Nana lands acting role in upcoming drama to air in early 2014

Yamada Nana

Yamada Nana
Her dream was to become an actress. Now she is offered a chance to take a momentous leap in that direction.

Well loved among fans for her distinct nasal-blocked voice and a self-mutilating sense of humour, NMB48 1st Generation member Yamada Nana has been with the popular idol group since its formation in 2010. Her unique “fail-joke” character and a willingness to put herself in the butt of jokes has helped propel herself into the top ranking members of the NMB48.
This time round, she finally lands a drama acting role apart from the group.

The drama
Set to air in 9th January next year, the drama, Isharyou Bengoshi~ Anata no Namida, Okane ni Kaemashou (lit. Compensatory Attorney~ Let us turn your tears into cash), starring Tanaka Naoki of comedy combi Kokoriko, is a one-shot legal drama set around the troubles of love and the monetary compensation suits surrounding the cases. Tanaka plays a sharp-tongued attorney who puts his clients’ well-being first, despite having an indifference to monetary possessions.
The other members of the cast includes Yada Akiko who plays a housewife who works at the the attorney office, Watanabe Naomi who plays a freelance investigator who aspires to be a professional spy, and of course, NMB48 Yamada Nana who plays a staff member in the local cafe.

We don’t know how much screen-time Nana would receive, but for us here, no amount is too much for our favourite idols who works hard in chase of their dreams. We wish her the very best and holds our breath in anticipation of some heartwarming moments perhaps?

What do you guys think? Leave your comments below! :)

Source: Oricon News

[News] NMB48 to appear on Kouhaku Uta Gassen 2013


Its here.

NMB48 is slated to appear as a stand alone group during the 64th Kouhaku Uta Gassen on New Year’s Eve 2013. This implies that they would be the 3rd group in the AKB48 Group to perform on the show as a solo entity, after making this appearance bid as their promotional slogan for the better part of the year.

Having missed out on their opportunity in 2012, they had made it their declared goal to perform on that stage this time round. As proof of their determination, the album jacket for their 1st album Teppen Tottande! released earlier this year features the NHK Hall in the scenery background, where the annual show is held.

Teppen Tottande


Similarly, during their final show of their Eastern Japan concert tour held in the same NHK hall earlier this year, Team N captain Yamamoto Sayaka made a declaration that “we would continue to run hard and fast so that we may return to this place once more”, as a promise to their fans.


This passion of theirs is not mere empty words; their popularity is also reflected in their sales numbers, having made the top place in the Oricon charts with their album Teppen Tottande in the first half of the year, their singles records 4 consecutive top place in the Oricon weekly charts too since last August’s Virginity to the recent Kamonegix
Source : Yahoo News

There certainly is a lot to look forward to with these girls shining brightly on stage. On the other hand, there has been no news about what song(s) are they going to perform on stage thus far, and are open to speculation. Some say their hit title Teppen Tottande would be first choice, others prefer a more lively dance item like Nagiichi or Bokura no Eureka.

What do you think? Leave your comments below or join the discussion on our facebook page!


Young Jump Gravure Photoshoot Contest


Ok, so if any of you guys have been following the Young Jump Magazine gravure photoshoot contest for AKB48G members, here are the results of the participants.

If you still don’t have an idea of what’s going on, here’s to put things in short;
Young Jump, a popular weekly comic/magazine series is planning for a special edition where they are asking for 50 members to volunteer themselves for a gravure shoot. All members need to do is to publicly declare their intentions to participate using their G+ accounts. In the event that more than 50 members participates, a lottery system would be used to decide the finalists.
Out of these 50 members, 4 lucky ones would get a full page gravure, the rest would each get 1/6 of a page.

So that being said, search for your own Oshi from the list!

*It might be interesting to note that of the top 16 members in the Elections senbatsu, only Rena is joining.

Final List of contending members as of 17 Nov 2100hrs

[Team A]
Izuta Rina, Iwata Karen, Oshima Ryoka, Kobayashi Marina, Sasaki Yukari, Sato Sumire, Suzuki Mariya, Takahashi Juri, Tano Yuka, Matsui Sakiko, Morikawa Ayaka
[Team K]
Kuramochi Asuka, Kobayashi Kana, Shimada Haruka, Suzuki Shiori, Chikano Rina, Nagao Mariya, Hirata Rina, Fujita Nana, Maeda Ami, Muto Tomu
[Team B]
Ishida Haruka, Iwasa Misaki, Oba Mina, Omori Miyu, Katayama Haruka, Kojima Natsuki Takajo Aki, Nakamura Mariko, Natori Wakana Nonaka Misato, Yamauchi Suzuran
[Team 4]
Aigasa Moe, Iwatate Saho, Uchiyama Natsuki, Umeda Ayano, Okada Ayaka, Okada Nana, Kitazawa Saki, Kojima Mako, Shinozaki Ayana, Takashima Yurina, Nishino MIki, Hashimoto Hikari, Maeda Mitsuki, Murayama Yuiri, Mogi Shinobu
Ichikawa Manami, Owada Nana, Komiyama Haruka, Sato Kiara, Tsuchiyasu Mizuki, Fukuoka Seina, Mukaichi Mion, Yumoto Ami

[Team S]
Abiru Riho, Ishida Anna, Isohara Kyoka, Ego Yuna, Goto Risako, Saito Makiko, Tsuzuki Rika, Deguchi Aki, Nakanishi Yuka, Yakata Miki
[Team KⅡ]
Uchiyama Mikoto, Kato Tomoko, Kobayashi Ami, Shibata Aya, Suda Akari, Takeuchi Mai, Futamura Haruka, Furukawa Airi, Yamashita Yukari
[Team E]
Azuma Rion, Iguchi Shiori, Ichino Narimi, Iwanaga Ami, Umemoto Madoka, Kaneko Shiori, Kito Momona, Sakai Mei, Matsui Rena
Aoki Shiori, Ida Reona, Inuzuka Asana, Owaki Arisa, Ogino Risa, Orito Aisa, Kamata Natsuki, Kitagawa Ryoha, Kitano Ruka, Kumazaki Haruka, Goto Mayuko, Sasaki Yuka, Sora Miyuka, Takeuchi Saki, Noguchi Yume, Hidaka Yuzuki, Matsumura Kaori, Yamada Juna, Yamamoto Yuka

[Team N]
Kadawaki Kanako, Koga Narumi, Kotani Riho, Kondo Rina, Jonishi Kei, Shiroma Miru, Nishimura Aika, Hayashi Momoka, Yamaguchi Yuki, Yoshida Akari
[Team M]
Azuma Yuki, Okita Ayaka, Kawakami Rena, Koyanagi Arisa, Shimada Rena, Takano Yui, Tanigawa Airi, Mita Mao, Murakami Ayaka, Murase Sae, Yagura Fuko, Yamagishi Nanami, Yamada Nana, Yogi Keira
[Team BⅡ]
Akazawa Hono, Ishizuka Akari, Ijiri Anna, Ueda Mirei, Umehara Mako, Ota Yuuri, Kato Yuuka, Kamieda Emika, Kinoshita Konomi, Kushiro Rina, Kurogawa Hazuki, Kono Saki, Murokanako, Yabushita Shu, Yamauchi Tsubame
Akashi Natsuko, Ishida Yumi, Uno Mizuki, Odan Mai, Kawakami Chihiro, Shibuya nagisa, Shimazaki Momoka, Jo Eriko, Takayama Riko, Terui Honoka, Nakagawa Hiromi, Nakano Reina, Nishizawa Rurina, Matsuoka Chie, Matsumura Megumi, Miura Aria, Okita Ayaka, Yamao Rina

[Team H]
Anai Chihiro, Ueki Nao, Ota Aika, Kumazawa Serina, Kodama Haruka, Shimono Yuki, Tanaka Natsumi, Nakanishi Chiyori, Matsuoka Natsumi, Miyawaki Sakura, Murashige Anna, Motomura Aoi, Moriyasu Madoka, Wakatabe Haruka
Akiyoshi Yuka, Abe Kyoka, Ito Raira, Inoue Yuriya, Imada Mina, Iwahana Shino, Ui Mashiro, Ueno Haruka, Umemoto Izumi, Okada Kanna, Okamoto Naoko, Kusaba Ai, Kajina Yui, Goto Izumi, Komada Ryoka, Sakaguchi Riko, Tashima Meru, Tanaka Yuka , Tani Marika, Tomiyoshi Asuka, Tomonaga Mio, Fukagawa Mai, Fuchigami Mai, Yamada Marina

*Source: TGSK G+

A letter to the fans about our future – an AIDOL with ads


Hello Everyone!

There has been much debate within the staffs over the years ever since AIDOL has been created over this issue. Right now my stand for this is that we will have NO advertisment and NO force donation.

Our servers are proudly sponsored by Moonflow and website by Akbingo.org.  All we have to do is to pay a few miscellaneous fees like website name.

Without delay, I would like  to talk about today’s main topic *gets serious*

Here at AIDOL we have decided to add adfly to our softsub. 

If you think this is nothing much, we thank you for that.
However whether you are against the idea or for the idea let me list down the reason why we have this change. To many people, it might seems nothing but we take this a very serious matter here at AIDOL.

To have ads have never been cool. However due to the fansub popularity, things have been moving very fast. A Central servers sponsored by Moonflow has been used to store all the project files.

Moonflow indicated that it requires around 50 USD  to store all the data and it have been doing it for free. We here at AIDOL do not take advantage of our partners so we have decided to add in adfly to our softsub and from this month we will try to pay for their server fees.

This is an experimental move which will happen for a month, if it does not work out, this project will be discontinued.

Where will the money go? What about my donations?

50% of the proceeds will go the the server fees and 50% will be used to go to other miscellaneous fees AIDOL will face from time to time. Any unused funds will go to events that will buy and sponsor gifts to you fans! Donations by fans will be put on priority to pay all the miscellaneous fee so any money earn from adfly will go to another bank for fans. Donations will never be used as gifts to other fans unless we write to you and ask you.

So how much will we earn?

Personally ZERO. From adfly you ask? I can not tell but from 1 day of experiment. 25 CENTS. Do the counting. 25cents x 30 = 7.50 USD.It barely scratch anything. It is just an estimate though. We will have another post after a month with the results.

What will happen to you?

Bascially because of adfly in layman terms, you are paying for our subs with not more than 10 second extra of your life. We spend 10 hours per sub, you pay 10 second.

Here I would like to answer some questions that might occur to you,

Many people said that they will pay for subs.

No we will not accept payment for subs so there is no expectation and we want to stay on the legal side.

Advertisement in the website.

No, advertisement are not cool. Having ads on the softsub links are experimental and will be removed in 1 month if it does not work out well.

Force donation to come in or shutdown website.

NO, we will NEVER do that unless till the day I (Bochan) die.

In conclusion, we apologise for the inconvenience caused. This move by us is experimental and will not last if it does not work out well after a month. If it DOES works out well, you may well see events happening with gifts to give everyone! We will be able to help Moonflow ease the payment on the server side. All you have to do is wait 10 more seconds for a sub.


( Producer of AIDOL )


AIDOL staff battle result

The vote counting is finally over.

It has been a great and busy week and I am sure everyone is anxious of the result.



Without further ado, please watch the following awesome VTR done by Kiyoko-chan for the result!


I also want to take this opportunity to announce our AIDOL youtube channel!


There had been questions brewing whether how much a translator should sub if they lose and

whether any of the staffs here are unhappy with the translation. I think everyone agreed that we will leave it to trust and everyone including the other translators would do their best to help spread the love the winning group.

I want everyone to know that here in AIDOL, having fun comes first. In this campaign, everyone had!

Everyone agreed to this campaign before it was started and inside we discussed and agreed that whatever the result is, everyone will accept it as they have oshi’s in whatever group that won as well.

I hope everyone enjoyed this event as much as us!




Hello Everyone,

Imagine 3 translator working on the team that you like? All the great videos of that certain team? Well… Now it will happen.

As mentioned in the video, we are going to hold a campaign. Currently, we have three translators to bring you SKE48 (KudoShinichi), NMB48 (Lotsheep) and HKT48(Half-san) subs. Now they will come together
to battle. The losers will have to help the winner sub the winning group’s videos for 3 whole months! The groups that lose? They won’t get featured here in AIDOL, not even PVs.
This means 3 full months of pure SKE48, NMB48, or HKT48 videos with 3 translators working on them at the same time!
(If you are here to watch AKBINGO! or Mieriino Kashiwagi, this rule does not apply, we will still release these 2 shows as per normal)

Event Details 

Campaign period 26th Aug 2013 – 1st Sep 2013 ( GMT+8 )

Voting period 26th Aug 2013 – 1st Sep 2013 ( GMT + 8 )  Choose wisely and our translator will appeal to you all why you should vote for them over this week! 

Vote counting period 2nd Sep 2013 – 6th Sep 2013

Effect of events starts on 7th Sep 2013 till 6th December 2013

– Each fan on our facebook group is entitled to ONE VOTE.
– To vote, simply message us on facebook with the group that you are voting for during the voting period.
– NO modifications to the vote is allowed, so vote wisely.
– Only votes via messages to our facebook group will be counted into the total, as we want to ensure that every vote counts.

So if you want to see 3 months of awesome SKE48, NMB48, OR HKT48 videos, vote for them! Ask everyone you know to vote for your favourite group!
If you don’t know how to message on facebook, comment below and our staffs will guide you step by step (^.^)/~

– Each team is allowed ONE post a day during the campaign period on AIDOL facebook page to advertise (Videos, photos, etc)
– Each team is allowed to use any other channel to broadcast to people to vote for their group. (Forums, Twitter, Tumblr, etc)
– Each team is allowed to recruit any members or fans to help out in the campaign (Eg. releasing subs for the group to attract people to vote for them)
– The progress of AKBINGO! subs is not to be affected under any circumstances.

 Translators, I pray for your success.


AIDOL Wallpaper Pack 18


Hello Everyone!

Yes! It is THAT time of the month again! The time where AIDOL refreshes our facebook header AND wallpapers!

We would like to thank ADutchFan for suggesting to us that this month should definitely include Shinoda Mariko, Akimoto Sayaka, Itano Tomomi because

of their graduation. I mean. They totally deserve our respect ! Being through AKB48 since the beginning and bringing it to where it is right now. (>ω<*)ノ

Thus without much ado. we at AIDOL present to you this month wallpaper!

Wallpaper Pack 18


AIDOL updates 3rd Augest 2013

logo 4.0

Hello Everyone!

Today I ( Bochan ) am here to give you all an update of AIDOL and the recent upcoming things to look ahead to.

Previously we have announced that the website had gone through some changes. As you all know, this website seriously need some update especially with so many new things coming along.

Yukirin and I ( Bochan ) worked out some of these changes and we hope you enjoy them!

Website changes 

– Categories now more organised instead of Miscellaneous all the time.

– Categories now properly separate the release in their different groups.

– Categories now display news and wallpaper

– Facebook bar at the side is gone. ( sadly. )

– Latest news now properly display categories

– Latest release now won’t have categories being messed up and display all the different categories it belongs to

– Confession, design us, forum, newsletter header are now gone because they had been inactive.

– Added facebook header for lost sheeps.

– About page now properly display our active members

For those who are not interested in the website news here are some release news!

So someone said that it is impossible to have AKBINGO! release frequently nowadays…

As we have a few new translators namely : Biondi, Tsunamu, Amakuchi , you can expect faster AKBINGO release ( at least before they burn out ). They are your heros so kudos to them.

As for the rest of us ,we will continue to troll and sub random videos and and of cause more idol group ( we are still deciding what to sub for now ) !!

Lastly, if you have watched our Koisuru Fortune Cookie, thats the part where Yukirin takes over.

As you’ve seen the last couple of days we released the most awesome video ever made in fansubgroup-history of all times. Koisuru Fortune Cookie covering the AIDOL-TEAM. Many of you left a lot comments for participating in another Koisuru Fortune Cookie video just with Fans. Most importantly – if you have the chance to dance and record the video with your friends, do it! Gather together, have a good time. We wanna show everyone how awesome this Fandom is!

 Lets do this. But how do we do this? Here is the masterplan.

1. Record yourself dancing to the KFC – Staff Version

( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZCNiY-j6VsI ) – this is important so we all dance to the same version of the Song.

2. Please Record yourself dancing to the full song, just small bits are way harder to edit.

3. Its fully up to you if you try to dance along seriously or just make goofy stuff like lotsheep did (heck he did crazy stuff, if you’d only know what i saw editing his videopart x.x)

4. Try to not comprimize your video (in sense of re-encoding) to ensure best quality.

5. Upload it somewhere (like google-drive, dropbox or somewhere else)

6. Send us the link to your file via email: aidol_contact@yahoo.co.jp, via Facebook message, as Comment, or whatever way you desire along with a message (see 7).

7. Type a short message with your Nickname, your Country, your Oshimen and your Age. (since we haven’t decided which info to put in the video yet)

8. Send in your video BEFORE 20th August 2013, so we can release it along with KFC-Single Release.

I think thats all. Sounds easy? it is easy, belive me. So – on your way folks – dance~~. Yukirin over.

AIDOL Wallpaper Pack 17


Hello Everyone!

Happy! Nogizaka46 Galore!

This month’s wallpaper came a little late but it’s worth it as there are some awesome Nogizaka’s image floating around which I managed to make some wallpaper out of it!

With the implementation of this month wallpaper we also took the chance to update the website a little!

Things changed

– Inactive tab removed

– Facebook no longer allows us to put the tab on our site

– Added a facebook tab to replace forum tab

– Updated our staffs name in the about page

– Stretched the news bar in the middle

We hope you enjoy your stay in AIDOL! (^.^)/~

Wallpaper Pack 17 


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