EMERGENCY EVENT – Happy Birthday from us

aidol event

Hello Everyone!

Thank you for supporting us for this past year.

Unlike last year we are not able to sub out something really magnificent therefore this year, therefore this year!! EMERGENCY EVENT in 10 hours to celebrate before the day ends.

we would like to give away our 1830 album that was leftover from the previous contest that no one won.


Time: 9pm(GMT+8)

we will put a secret password in our website. All you have to do is look around our website for the password.

we will put it like  “The password is xxxx” so you will know THAT is the secret password.

It can be hidden anywhere in the website so look out for past post, chatbox, etc etc.

Once you found the password, please proceed to our facebook page or G+ page



And comment with the correct answer.

The first person to get the correct answer in the post that we create for you to reply will receive the unopened 1830 album no questions ask.(without  bonus photo card )

Our staff will direct message the person and all you have to do is give us the address for us to send.

Thank you once again for supporting AIDOL.


AIDOL Wallpaper Pack 11


Hello Everyone,

Here’s the wallpaper download pack for this month! As we are trying to clear out the wallpaper by this month for new year, we will release all of them at once.

Contributors includes
– Aldo Sahala
– Bilz Bilz
– Bromium
– Kirito Zoldyck
– Mizunazi
– RJ Vasquez
– Twin insani
– Txdvil
– Valentin Derennes
– xevikira

Thank you all for supporting us this past year!!

As for 2013 onwards we will be adapting a new system for you to submit soon! Please look forward to it as we finalise the process.

Download Link:


AIDOL Wallpaper Pack 10

wallpaper pack 10 preview

Hello everyone! Bochan here!

Here’s this month’s wallpaper pack.

We apologise for not having any release last month! (>.<;)

We also added some of our own favourites (^.^)

Hope you enjoy it~

This month contributors includes

– bromium_666

Wallpaper Pack 10


Design AIDOL’s next version of logo.


Hello everyone, AIDOL is looking for people to make it’s next version of AIDOL logo, AIDOL 5.0. If you are interested please submit them by November 15th.

Yes this is a event, and the prize is a 1830m album theatre ver.( no photos ) with free shipping donated by IAMGUNDAM our editor. If you need information please ask here. ( There might be a case where will not be using any because of Bochan not being satisfied ). It has to be really good as we will be using it a lot.

The theme of the logo will be ” A new start, a new generations “
Here are the requirements

– We will leave the resolution to you but to have it as vector is a bonus.
– If your work is chosen, you will allow us to use it as our next generation logo.
– In the case of no one is chosen, the competition will either restart or end there with us designing it ourself.
– Please mail it to aidol_contact@yahoo.co.jp

If you have any questions feel free to ask us here, cbox, facebook or g+.

AIDOL Wallpaper Pack 8

Wallpaper pack 8 preview

Hello Everyone!

For the first time ever! We got enough contributions from our fans that we managed to release this month pack without any of our self-designed wallpaper!

It’s all thanks to txdvil!  He contribution 90% of the wallpapers! We also must thanks Valentin Derennes who contributed as well! Thank you everyone!

Wallpaper Pack 8 download link


Please keep the contributions coming!  (^.^)

UAC Round 4 Answers & Winners


Hello Everyone!

Here’s the answer for Round 4.

1. Hito no chikara
2. Flying Get
3. Mitsu no Namida
4. Boku ga Mou Sukoshi Daitan Nara
5. Gugutasu No Sora
6. Dareka No Sei Ni Shinai
7. Koe ga kasureru kurai
8. Choudai Darling!
9. Banzai Venus
10. Noel no Yoru
11. Kore Kara Wonderland
12. Vamos
13. Ice No Kuchizuke!
14. Yobisute Fantasy
15. Pareo Wa Emerald
16. Everyday Kachuusha
17. Pony Tail To Shu Shu
18. Nagiichi

It is amazing as there are several of you got it all right!! Aweseeeome!

Finally we have come to an conclusion of UAC 2012 after a month long of quiz and challenges.

Things have not been soon mostly due to our side for missing timing, inappropriate phrasing of the  quiz and such. We apologise for all the inconvenience caused.

However, all those days have come to an end and we are here to present the winners.

Ranking number 1.
Name: saysae
Points : ( 37 ) + ( 39 ) + ( 44 + 2 ) + ( 50 ) = 172

Ranking number 2.

Name: Kraken
Points : ( 37 ) + ( 41 ) + ( 41 + 2 ) + ( 50 ) = 171

Ranking number 3.

Name: Kristine/Krunchie
Points : ( 37 ) + ( 41 ) + ( 37+2 ) + ( 50 ) = 167

Ranking number 3.

Name : MariHaru shipper
Points : ( 28 ) + ( 43 + 3 ) + ( 41 + 2 ) + ( 50 ) = 167

Ranking number 4.

Name : nanta48
Points : ( 22 ) + ( 45 + 3 ) + ( 41 ) + ( 50 ) = 161

Ranking number 5.

Name: luckynumber7
Points : ( 22 ) + ( 43 ) + ( 41 + 2) + ( 50 ) = 158

Please kindly send us a e-mail of your address and for ranking 1 – 3 we will need you to give us your request of the video.

For more information of what you are entitled to please visit


Lastly we would like to thank everyone for participating in the competition, we know it is long but the point of it is to enjoy.

List of other participant scores ( you can ask for recount if you think you score higher than that and can make it in to the top 5 )


AIDOL couldn’t have come this far without the support of everyone which is you!

Please do continue to support us from now on!

UAC Round 4


Hello Everyone,

Here’s UAC Round 4.

Please guess which PV does the picture belongs to.

Question 1 – 8 ( 2 Points )
Question 9 – 14 ( 3 Points )
Question 15 – 18 ( 4 Points )

Total 50 points.

For this round there will be NO bonus.

Please submit your answers to

The deadline will be Friday 3th AUG 11:59PM GMT+8

The winner will be reveal on Saturday 4th AUG 11:59AM GMT+8.

We will also display the calculation of all the scores again in case we counted wrong and you can ask for an recount at that time.

Download Link


UAC Round 3 Answers


Hello Everyone!

Looks like everyone is doing well in this round! I am sure you had some well earned points. What’s left is the last round this weekend! So be sure to read below for the time and date!

Before we announce the timing, here’s the answers for this round!

1. curry rice
2. Akido
3. Jan 4th 2011/ Jan 5th 2011
4. Hikoukigumo
5. 48 days
6. Mariko Magazine
7. 25 March 2012
8. Catherine
9. 2 days
10. Takajo Aki Confession
11. Yamada Nana
12. Kage Announcer
13. School does not allow
14. 13.8 years old
15. Daasu
16. 渡邉 麻友

So how do you fair? (^.^)

Do note the last round will begins on 28th July GMT+8 9PM

UAC Round 3


Ok everyone,

we really got to apologise real bad!! We actually mis-calculated the date and released this 1 day late (>.<;) We are sorry for making those who wait!!

Please forgive us!!!  Now, back to topic, this round is a little different, you have to answer questions given by us, and if  you had notice, some is REALLY easy and some is pretty much impossible. Even the bonus points distributed is different so please do take note!

Question 1 – 7 ( 2 points )

Question 8 – 12 ( 3 points )
Question 13 – 16 ( 5 points )

In this round, every even number submission gets 2 bonus points (>.^)

Please submit your answers to


The order of who gets the bonus points will be determined by the time e-mail received.

The answer will be reveal the round ends on Tuesday GMT+8 11.59PM ( No more confusion ).
After the appointed timing we will not accept any more answers and you will receive 0 points.
You can still continue on to the next round (^.^)

Do also note the last round will begins on 28th July GMT+8 9PM

Round 3 questions



For those who can’t see the Kanji


1 3 4 5 6 7 9