Inter-Forum Senbatsu Poster-Making Competition

Poster Sample 1

Hey guys, it’s epicfaye and I’d like to invite everyone at this forum to participate in a multi-forum Senbatsu Poster-making contest devised by me with prizes sponsored by the wonderful administrators at Nihongogo.

The Lowdown:

This Senbatsu poster-making contest is for you to put your spin on the current Senbatsu Sousenkyou for AKB48’s 27th single. I wanted a chance to get the entire fanbase involved to compete large-scale battle where we pit our skills against each other. The game is about creating and/or editing Senbatsu Promotional Posters for members and/or subunits. The prize four categories you can submit for are as follows:

  • Best Original Senbatsu Poster: Flaunt your oshimen with your original poster dedicated to her! Make your own senbatsu poster from scratch. Highlight what you feel you girls best or worst attributes are.
  • Best Team/Unit Senbatsu Poster: whether it’s the entire Team K or the Rena’s Melonpan Alliance, this category is for original posters made for two or more members. Why? Groups need love too!
  • Best Remixed Senbatsu Poster: If you don’t have too much creativity or just too bummed to make an original one, just take one of the current senbatsu posters and put your own spin on it. Make it cuter, funnier, anything you feel can improve it. You can even recaption the words! You can edit past years senbatsu posters as well.
  • Best Humorous Senbatsu Poster: If you really just want to have fun and have a laugh try your hand at a less serious category. No limits, do whatever you want! Meme-ified posters may be optional.

The Rules:
As stated, this would be an multi-forum / website competition. The following websites will be in participation: Hello! Online, Stage48, Nihongogo, AiDOL, New School Kaidan, Everyday48, and JPH!P. The competition will be made up of 2 stages. The Inter-Forum Competition Stage then the Prize-Round Competition Stage which are the finals.

Inter-forum Competition Stage

1. Forum members are encouraged to send in entries for the competition. There are no specific limitations in the number of entries members may submit.

2. Original promotional posters are to be in a portrait alignment. Those who would make landscape/banner posters would be tasked to convert them into portrait. Failure to do so would be disqualified. You MUST also host your file on a RELIABLE host. When the voting rounds occur and your image file has exceeded bandwidth / broken / lost your entry may NOT be considered. My job is NOT to chase you down to see what you’ve submitted.

3. The submission of entries would have a six-week period starting from the posting of this thread dated June 1st.

4. Forum Members are to officially cast their votes in July in a special voting thread. The top vote-getters will move onto the prize round where your entries will be pitted against all the forums participating. You can vote even if you didn’t participate.

5. Entries might be refused for any reason where they could be considered unfit for entry.

Prize Round Competition Stage

1. The Multi-forum Prize Round Competition Stage would have a panel of judges composed of representatives from websites who have agreed to participate.

2. Judging votes are tiered based on a point-scoring system.

3. To observe parity, there will be limits placed on judges voting on entries that came from their website.

The Timetable:

Submission of Entries: June 1, 2012 – July 13, 2012
Inter-Forum Competition Stage (Voting Period): July 14,2012 – July 20, 2012
Prize Round Competition Stage (Voting Period): July 21, 2012 – July 27, 2012
Announcement of Winners would follow as soon as the results have been tallied and shall be informed on all participating forumsites, along with the AIDOL and New School Kaidan web pages

The Prizes:

Jet Ready Go of Nihongogo would provided AKB48 merchandises to the placers of the four categories. The said prizes includes BLTs, stickers, and other AKB48 stuff. Moreover, Jet Ready Go stated that he will actually be printing out and sending ALL Senbatsu Poster entries to the respective 48 members.

So what are you waiting for? Get all your creative juices going and join!

Other sample posters:

Poster Sample 2

Note: This was intended to be AIDOL’s Newsletter Banner. If you’re joining the contest, please do submit portrait-aligned entries

Poster Sample 3

Poster Sample 4

Aidol Insider

Cover page

Announcing the creation of not only our new Aidol newsletter, but also it’s home on tumblr!

You can view and download it here

Tumblr shrank the photos so we definitely recommend you download the originals and view them that way 😀

We’re aiming to release this reasonably often (maybe once a month?) but it all depends on feedback from each and every one of you! Please have a look at issue 1 and let us know if there is anything that we should improve on, change, add etc to make it a publication that you find interesting and will download each month~

The Aidol Newsletter was brought to you by:


Designer: Bhemfine, IAMGUNDAM

Writers: mshaydown, Just Another Wota

Comment contributions: IAMGUNDAM, azn.jedi, Shin, Bhemfine, Ngan Bee

Special mention: StalkApple and EpicFaye for providing great suggestions during the conceptual phase of this project

AIDOL Wallpaper Pack 4

Hi Everyone!

As requested, we have chose those which we think are nice and put it back into our wallpapers page.

For this set of April there are some pretty awesome ones ! Do look out for them!

We figured you might feel tired trying to refresh them so we have this pack so you can put it in your wallpaper.

Cool huh (>.0)
There are still more updates coming!

Now, won’t you say it’s worth waiting! (^.^)


AIDOL Reopens!

Epicfaye welcomes you to AIDOL’s reopening! Yes, AIDOL friends, we’re back from the Black March campaign! As promised, we would released four new videos, and we’d released April’s Wallpaper Pack soon! Also, AIDOL’s on G+ too! It will totally be the same there as our facebook.
Follow us and maybe get our new AIDOL badge merchandise while you are on the way!
Check it out!

For Aidol G+ Link

For people who is interested in the badge/have pre-ordered the badge,
we have come out with the shipping price.
More details here

Ps. Did we mention that we only brought 100 of them and we have like 30+ staffs? Haha.

Ah yes lastly, I have had people reminding me that today’s April Fool’s day.
So well, there isn’t any release today (>.0)
Yeap. Seriously.Have you seen them?

AIDOL Wallpaper Pack 3

AIDOL friends,

Epicfaye here to bring you another update regarding our AIDOL Wallpaper Packs.

Due to popular demand, we at AIDOL would come up with a monthly pack. We would also like to encourage you guys to send in your wallpapers to design our site.

Wallpapers contributor this month

– Fistacon
– Ito
– Mochichan
– Denzuki

Thank you very much.

We also want to apologise for not crediting the previous contributors. As our previous e-mail has been lost, we can’t recover the names.

However! Please feel free to comment here or on facebook so we can credit you properly!

Without further ado, here is Wallpaper Download Pack 3


Aidol Wallpaper Download Pack 1 & 2

Bg preview 1

Hello AIDOL friends,

it’s epicfaye again to give you the latest news on our site.

As you might know, we have various background images that not only come from us but also comes from all you great AIDOL fans out there designing our site up!

Now, we’re going to provide you with the first-ever AIDOL Wallpaper DLC Pack!

These packs would contain every single one of those AIDOL backgrounds you’ve seen the site used and you’d very much design your own desktop with AIDOL flare!

Wallpaper Pack 1

Wallpaper Pack 2

Introducing Aidol 4.5!

Hi Everyone!

After much considerations, we have decided to embrace black march.
Meaning we will stop any release in march.

When April 1st come, we will release 4 videos as promised.

Adding onto that, the login screen will no longer exist.

The reason behind it is because we are switching over to softsubs.

This way, we can make corrections to the subs more easily, increase the speed of subbing and people do not have to download multiple copies.

If you are interested in using our softsubs and hardsubbing them, you may do so but please inform us at

Do remember however, we will not acknowledge it as it is not part of AIDOL.

AIDOL will not hardsub videos anymore and only own the subtitles when April comes.

We hope that you can understand our situations and enjoy your stay here.

Thank you.

Winners of 2012 Valentine Day Event (AIDOL&Everyday48)

Hi Everyone.

Thank you for your support!!  Now we know that there are so many people that loves us!!

It’s really everyone that kept us going through that tough days!

Here is our winners!

Rei Long : Akimoto Sayaka
Wiby : Takajo Aki
Ben : Itano Tomomi
JustAnotherBear : WatanabeMayu
Saysae : Miyazawa Sae

ice : Kashiwagi Yuki
czy : Sato Amina

We hope you enjoy this event as much as we do! Please do look out as another one might just come!

Valentine Event 2012

Hi Everyone!

Next week it’s valentine’s day!
To celebrate valentine day, we will like to play a game with everyone!
As you may know it falls on a weekday, we will be celebrating this weekend!
11 February 2012
00:00 GMT+8
We will post a REALY hard question on a facebook & Twitter. Simply reply that question to us on our twitter.
Simply answer in this format
Name to credit: ( Your name (^.^) )
Answer: ( the REALLY hard answer )
1/48 Guam Making of: ( the girl that you want us to sub )
The first 5 person who managed to reply that will get to choose the confession video making of for AKB1/48 Guam. To avoid spoiler, we will release the confession video for that girl as well if it’s not released yet
-Only 1 answer per person.
-We will reply to acknowledge that we received your answer.
-In the case you already send but we somehow missed it please reply to the facebook thread so notify us.
-After the 5 winners are revealed we will announce here and twitter so the rest doesn’t have to answer it anymore.
-this is our official twitter :

1 5 6 7 8 9