AIDOL Wallpaper Pack 12

background96Hello Everyone!

As promised! Here are the wallpaper that consist of members from AKB48!

If you are wondering why AKB48, it’s because we held a poll in our facebook page here

And the winner is AKB48!

Currently there is another poll running for March 2013 therefore go vote for your favourite now!

This month contributors include


Remember you can send us wallpaper ahead of time and only the winner theme/member will be picked. We will reply you with a mail acknowledging we received the wallpaper.

If  you can not use the system in our website, feel free to send them directly to (^.^)

Wallpaper Pack 12

AIDOL Wallpaper Pack 11


Hello Everyone,

Here’s the wallpaper download pack for this month! As we are trying to clear out the wallpaper by this month for new year, we will release all of them at once.

Contributors includes
– Aldo Sahala
– Bilz Bilz
– Bromium
– Kirito Zoldyck
– Mizunazi
– RJ Vasquez
– Twin insani
– Txdvil
– Valentin Derennes
– xevikira

Thank you all for supporting us this past year!!

As for 2013 onwards we will be adapting a new system for you to submit soon! Please look forward to it as we finalise the process.

Download Link:

AIDOL Wallpaper Pack 10

wallpaper pack 10 preview

Hello everyone! Bochan here!

Here’s this month’s wallpaper pack.

We apologise for not having any release last month! (>.<;)

We also added some of our own favourites (^.^)

Hope you enjoy it~

This month contributors includes

– bromium_666

Wallpaper Pack 10

AIDOL Wallpaper Pack 8

Wallpaper pack 8 preview

Hello Everyone!

For the first time ever! We got enough contributions from our fans that we managed to release this month pack without any of our self-designed wallpaper!

It’s all thanks to txdvil!  He contribution 90% of the wallpapers! We also must thanks Valentin Derennes who contributed as well! Thank you everyone!

Wallpaper Pack 8 download link

Please keep the contributions coming!  (^.^)

AIDOL Wallpaper Pack 7

Wallpaper pack 7 preview

Hello Everyone!

Here’s the wallpaper pack for the month of july 2012! Thanks for liking these wallpaper!

AIDOL wants to you to enjoy a fresh environment whenever you visit us!

We would like to thank these people for their contributions!

– bromium_666
– txdvil

You can help shape our environment by sending us wallpapers at the “design me” section!

Without further ado, here’s the wallpaper pack

AIDOL Wallpaper Pack 3

AIDOL friends,

Epicfaye here to bring you another update regarding our AIDOL Wallpaper Packs.

Due to popular demand, we at AIDOL would come up with a monthly pack. We would also like to encourage you guys to send in your wallpapers to design our site.

Wallpapers contributor this month

– Fistacon
– Ito
– Mochichan
– Denzuki

Thank you very much.

We also want to apologise for not crediting the previous contributors. As our previous e-mail has been lost, we can’t recover the names.

However! Please feel free to comment here or on facebook so we can credit you properly!

Without further ado, here is Wallpaper Download Pack 3


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