[Request] Mizuho & Tsuu graduation: AKB48 Show song vote


Sadly, Yamada Mizuho-chan will be graduating by end of January, and Iwanaga Tsugumi-chan in February, as a result there will only be 6 remaining members left from the 5th generation.



We would really appreciate if people could spare the time to make a request to the NHK site, specifically at AKB48SHOW, requesting for the song “Me ga Itai Kurai Hareta Sora” / “目が痛いくらい晴れた空”.

This song is a very important and treasured song to the 5th generation members in SKE48, so we would love to provide them with the opportunity to perform it one last time on AKB48SHOW.

This is kinda short notice to inform everyone about it, but better late than never, we hope everyone can help out by dropping in a request.

Below are the simple steps:-

  1. Go to this URL: https://www.nhk.or.jp/akb48show/letter/request.html
  2. Fill in the form
    • ニックネーム (Your nickname)
    • 都道府県 (Select the last option: その他 *Others*)
    • 年龄 (Age)
    • リクエスト曲 (Song, please insert: “目が痛いくらい晴れた空”)
  3. Click the pinkish button.And you’re done!


Thanks for your time, and we really hope they can make it to the AKB48SHOW.


2shot Payment Guide

Okay, so the time is here to pay for the 2shots that you won!!!

Sorry for the delay in writing this but I was out of the country for a while with work and didn’t really have the time or a stable internet connection to work on this. I know a lot of people managed to work out how to pay already. But for those of you who haven’t here’s a quick run through to show you!

MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A CREDIT CARD READY! Go borrow one off a friend or family member if you need! Beg if you  have to!!!

First off go log in to your account and click on the Purchase History button, as shown below.


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Ask us anything!


Hello everyone!

Do you have any questions you want to ask the staff or about AIDOL in general? Do you have any suggestions on how we can improve? Do you have any feedback or comments on our releases?

Feel free to post questions/comments/feedback on Facebook, tumblr, or twitter. We will gather all the questions and comments by the end of this weekend and answer them. We hope to improve so that everyone can enjoy AIDOL. So please, don’t feel shy to ask anything.

PS: People at the chat, it would be great if you post the questions on those 3 sites in case we might miss them. :)

Request Hour voting guide

There were some request for a guide on how to vote for request hour and since I was planning to vote anyway, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to vote.

If you’re reading this, I’m assuming you have a voting slip (that contains the voting number) with you. If not you can always get it by buying AKB48’s “Kibouteki Refrain” single (CDJapan links: Regular A, Regular B, Regular C, Regular D) or even buy just the voting slips on ebay or other people who are selling them.

Take note that the voting ends at 22nd December 2014 (3pm Japan time).

If you have a voting slip, it should look like this.

Voting Slip

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Mayuyu’s 2shot guide: Part 2 [FINAL]


Hey guys, Mayuyu here… yet again!

Today is the BIG DAY! The first day of 2shot applications… so here’s the most important part of my guide… the application process!
It’s not hard, really… but there are a lot of people who have doubts, questions or confusion about some things, so I’ll do my best to answer all of that for you if you do! If you have further questions I’ll try reply to stuff in the chatbox on the right hand side over here… *points over to the side* —>

First of all, I assume you’ve registered with Chara-Ani’s 48G portal and have an address in Japan you can mail stuff to set in your Chara-Ani. If not then please go do so, you can see my guide for information on this over here!

If you’re ready, then let’s carry on…

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Mayuyu’s 2shot guide: Part 1.5 [Updated]


[Updated 3rd December – Please re-check restriction information for applications, there was a misunderstanding in the original translation, my apologies (the terms they use are ambiguous), thanks to Zeyin for pointing this out]

What’s up guys, Mayuyu here again!

I just wanted to get this post up so everyone can be ready for the start of the applications tomorrow, that’s right… TOMORROW!!! ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

Some of you may already be aware that Chara-Ani have put all of the information up on akb48.chara-ani.com. For those of you who are unaware, or were wondering what it all means I wanted to try give you a better idea of what’s happening right now, so here’s my “Extended Episode” for the guide.

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Shoutout for help!


Hi, this is EraMemory, small-time Translator for a couple of Aidol vids once in a while, and general ranter when it comes to old-generation AKB or Draft members (much to the dismay of the other members forced to endure the hours of lecture)

I’m also the translator of the manga AKB49 Renai Kinshi Jourei, the manga series by Miyamoto Reiji based upon our beloved AKB48 group, as you might know.

Unfortunately due to RL issues our regular Proofreader has been too busy with her studies, and our new Proofreader literally pulled a MIA on us… about two months ago.

The result has been a bunch of chapters cleaned and ready and a whole lot more translated and sitting, but none able to be put out due to the lack of a Proofreader. For 2 whole months.

Souchan and the others have been kind enough to rent me out this little space to make this shoutout- if anyone is interested in being a proofreader and help the series move along, please apply at http://substitutescans.com/join-us/ and the admins will go through your application. We’re looking for someone with a good command of English, sense of flow of the story and punctuation, who can produce work at least at a rate of one chapter a week. If you fit the criteria, we’ll be glad to have you onboard! Please do lend us a hand, I’m honestly scraping the end of the barrel in desperation here.

Once again, much thanks to Aidol for the helping hand! I promise to translate more videos! …Even if… they’re not related to Draft…*mutter mutter*

Mayuyu’s 2shot guide!


What’s up guys, Mayuyu here!

I’m sure a lot of you have already seen people talking about it somewhere… what with the up-coming, 6th AKB album due to be released on the 21st of January 2015!
That’s right, we’re talking about the 2shot event!
People are already asking me “How do I get tickets?” and “How can a foreign fan go to the 2shot event?”. Well, I’ll definitely write a detailed guide and include screenshots for the application process. The problem is, I can’t get screenshots until the application process opens up, now there are posts around on various forums and Tumblr etc where you can find information for such events if you really need to know right now. You don’t have to worry about not being able to get a ticket though, as it’s not “First-come First-served” – just like all other AKB events they hold a lottery. So everyone has a chance, regardless of what point they apply.

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Mayuyu: The Incredible Journey

What’s up guys, Mayuyu here!

I thought I’d write up a blog to go with the release of “Why did YOU come to Japan?”. I figured I could cover some of the questions people keep asking me as well as provide a little more information about the whole experence and some of the other things we got up to that didn’t make the cut.

So, where do I even start…

Why did YOU come to Japan?

I guess the best place to start is with that simple question!


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