Yukirin: “Idols are more than just music”


Hey Folks – Its me Yukirin :3

For some reason, that whole „Why did you come to Japan?“-thing went around the globe so fast. I personally never thought it would make an impact that big. But people don’t actually know the actual story behind all this. So Wayne and me thought about doing a post each, to give you a little glimpse of the whole experience, just as a sidedish with the Release of the actual episode of “Why did you come to Japan?”.

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Idols & graduations

I feel like we’ve recently been bombarded with idol graduations. Well, probably not recently. But the last two ones hit close to home. Because they were my friends’ Oshimen. The graduations caused great pain and sadness for them and I thought maybe sharing my graduation story would shed some light on the darkness they currently feel.

I started liking idols way back in October 2005, starting with Morning Musume. An angel by the name Kamei Eri caught my eye. With Morning Musume, there was only really one or two graduations a year, but I thought that it was a natural thing to happen. I was sad with every graduation but it was never that bad. I didn’t understand the people who treated idol graduations as something that turned their lives upside down. Until that one fateful day on August 8th, 2010.


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Mayuyu – A very delayed introduction

Hello everyone!

For those of you that haven’t already seen my name about, I’m the newest QC on the AIDOL team. I joined a couple of months ago and I feel that I’ve settled in now so I wanted to introduce myself to you all!

I’m the only chap from England in the team, so English is my first and only language (but I am trying to learn Japanese). If you haven’t already guessed Mayuyu is my kami-oshi, I don’t really have a ranking for the other idols I follow, but I’m a big fan of the following: Murashige, Non, Paruru, Yukirin, Akarin (SKE), Jurina, Sayanee, Yuihan and Myao – I should probably add that I have quite the passion for twintails, so any member with twintails is going to get some love from me too. I like to think I’m friendly and approachable so if anyone ever wants to you can message me on Tumblr – bonus points for being a fellow British idol fan.

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Lap 1 with G48

Hello everyone! Amakuchi here~

I finally found time to do a blog~ That goes to show how busy I am XD
I didn’t manage to post one after all this time, mainly because projects kept coming in one after the other,
and I decided to work on them during my free time instead of a blog 😛
Just a warning to everyone though, it’s going to be a reaaaally long post!


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A ~short~ goodbye


Hey everyone, Yuitsu here.

First I’ll talk a bit about my upcoming plans for myself!

Starting next week I (Yuitsu/Tomotsu) who has been in charge of AKB48 show will leave on vacation to Tokyo for a while.  It’s also why it’s been really going slow on my side, I’m sorry.

With my work, preparations for the trip, dance classes, and everything else, the time I’ve properly had free is rather few.  It’s not just me though~

Amakuchi will be leaving as well, please look forward to Amakuchi’s post which shall be posted soon.

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yummy pictures =p

It’s finally done!!


I finally found time to go through all my pictures and pick out the best of the best.

Again, I want to thank everyone that took time to do the survey

Here are the results if your interested.

I had a lot of trouble picking the best 35 high quality sexy bikini images, but I wanted to have a variety of members not just 35 Sayanee bikini pics.

For the rest of the pics I chose from a variety of themes like funny/interesting, kawaiiIi~, and awsomeness.




AIDOL History Part 1 – AIDOL 1.0


Hello Everyone!

I am sure many of you recognise the opening sentence of “Hello Everyone!” as I had been using that ever since AIDOL started. Yes I am Bochan.

Recently we have been requesting our members to write blogs as for the reason why will come up in another post. Not here today. Today I shall tell you all some stories how AIDOL was borned and how much it has went through.

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Thank you very much, 本当にありがとうございました。

The survey is now closed.

Thank you again, to everyone who did the survey.

peace photo 03-171.jpg
I was overwhelmed by the amount of responses I received,

I was so moved…I shed a man tear ♥

In the coming weeks I will show the results as you may be interested in Aidol’s gaming community and what they think XD

But also as proof to show how many people actually participated.

I’m sure many of you are wondering how many participants did the survey,

especially the amount of people over 36  =D

Happyou shimasu~

The total number of participants,

added up to…..


and the amount of participants over 36



ameezinguuu~ o /
(“amazing” if you didn’t get it :p)

Since I will need to find time to go through all my images to pick out the best, I hope you guys can wait a bit longer for the reward.

I am amazed by the community of Aidol and I now know that whenever there is a crisis, the Aidol community will without a doubt band together and over come whatever it is, even a zombie apocalypse.
karen photo karen.jpg
(something i made when i saw the original image =p, bg and zombie head not made by me)

Now its time to write up an analysis of the survey

And once again thank you all for taking part in the survey


If you have time, thanks ♥

Hey everyone, Ricky here.

It’s been a while hasn’t it. XD

I’ve been busy with uni but I’ll be finished soon hopefully.


The reason I’m writing now is that I need your help.

No, it is not to kidnap an idol, but I would like you to do a survey for me

which is for research that I’m doing at uni.

So basically, it’s a really short survey about games. You can also participate even if you don’t play games as there are questions for you as well.

It would also be helpful to get other people doing the survey as well, especially over the age of 36 as I’m having trouble finding people of that age.

I’m closing the survey on the coming Wednesday so be quick =D

I know this isn’t really related to idols but my reward is.

I’m sorry that I can’t pay you $$$ for taking time to help me out, but if your okay with pictures … =D

So for every participant I get, I’ll add an image to folder and when the survey finishes I’ll upload a link for you guys to download.

As a bonus, for every participant who is over 36, I’ll include a sexy bikini picture :p

Heres the link to my survey

If you have time please do my survey, thanks ♥

and here’s something to get you motivated
sayanee photo 1000222_10151782217664024_1080807118_n.jpg

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