About fluffy alpacas & photocards


Hi everyone,

QC Momo here, live from rainy germany :3

As some of you may know Yukirin and i are also team member at a german-anime-fan radio named Kibo.FM and this weekend we have done a halloween marathon and Yukirin and i are doing the last nightshift and while we playing music (different 48 group stuff) we were on an auction website (namly ebay) buying photocards and other stuff. (me finally getting a kitarie photocard *^*)

And now we are online in skype – talking to each other about alpacas, opening a shop to sell jpop stuff in germany  – i know we are very full of ideas –

and i had so many ideas for my first post but… T___T i dunno i forgot it all Yukirin will be sad about this post because he was sooooo looking forward to this post.

btw in the meantime we talk about SKE48 … i am scared of our self. now

so next time i/we talk about, how we get into 48-fandom

bye bye – mata ne Momo

Tower~ Desu Yoroshiku

Hai Minna! Tower desu ~~~~~

Hello everyone, Tower here. This is going to be my first blog post! (^.^)/


So how do I start…..

Well like I said, my nickname is tower….

I chose that name because I’m very tall (190cm) and because I couldn’t think of anything on the spot….

If anyone got any suggests let me know XD

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kino dessssu~~~

Hello guys kino dessu~~~~~

It my first time in my life trying to writing a blog xD

It might suck a bit so bear with me

When I first joining aidol it was a first experience for me ^^ meeting other g48 fan .

Just to realize how I know only a little about idol, they open my eyes with many thing. For this past few month I am with aidol everyone nice to me  ^^ I am happy with that they help me translating pv and some vid that I want to understand .

I am really like to make a sub version of pv despite what g48 they represent it give me some kind of happiness feeling when I can share it with everyone ~~~~ :3 . even it a bad one from me not from g48 LOL :v

My kami oshi is no one than yokoyama yui :3 I really like the way she smile :3 and she really got many potential in her that should be brought to all ~~

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Q&A Corner | Aidol Team Blog


Sae, Takamina, Mayuyu


Past sunday (22 Sept) on Facebook, we held a short Q&A Corner and I figured I would sum up the questions and answers here!

Along with some questions answered in the few days that I haven’t been able to put this together (lol).

If you have any questions, feel free to message us any time!

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BUROGUDAAAA~!? =D [heart] (^^)/ d(>o

Hey everyone, I’m Ricky and have been a qc here at Aidol since the last few months of 2011… it’s been so long I can’t even remember. I haven’t really written on a blog before so it might be boring, but even if you hate my blog post, don’t hate Aidol. Anyway, since this is the first blog post and I haven’t really interacted with our followers I’ll start by introducing myself.

As mentioned above my name is Ricky, and it’s not short for Ricardo or anything, just Ricky. I have a chinese background and can speak a bit of canto and mando, but to be honest, I choose not to speak it unless I absolutely have to (Tehepero ;p). I also know a little Japanese since I learnt it during high school. Currently, I’m living in Australia but one day hope to move to Japan so I can be closer to my idols =D.

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Yossha ikuzo!! | AIDOL Team Blog

We’ve stopped doing this just weekly, so when someone will post will from now on be unpredictable!?

Days, minutes, hours, years… okay, that last one isn’t so likely!

Born in the Netherlands, actually still living there even..!
Tomotsu here! 2*coughthreecough* years old and one of the translators.
Also a dancer, (self-proclaimed) singer and a lot of other things I enjoy doing~!

I would love to tell you who my nr. 1 oshimen is, but even up to today I can’t just pick one!  (>人<;)
That said, it’s really just between the girl that has brought me to AKB.
And the former Team B captain that’s always been watching over her.
Yes, I’m talking about these two.


Who is your oshimen?  And if you’re able to explain it, can you say why? ^-^

[Janken Tournament]
The other day the fourth Janken tournament has taken place!!  (≧∇≦)o
The 33rd single has been revealed! Heart Ereki!
With a surprising Kojipa “Michelle” as center!

Their new names are pretty surprising, I actually like them though!
I wonder if they got to pick out their names themselves or not~

But more importantly,
I’m sure you’re already updated by now, but Jurina has become center!
Without MaYuki, Jurina was the girl I was rooting for so I’m very excited!
Who were you rooting for?


This is probably the least interesting part, but! How did I get into AIDOL?

I’ve been learning Japanese for several years already, and repeatedly a friend gave me links of Shoujiki Shougi. Then one day, I was given a playlist with all of the subbed AKBingo episodes and even got my otouto (younger brother) in it!

But my otouto barely speaks Japanese right now, and when you’re really into something together you want them to enjoy everything too right?

So for that reason, I decided I would sub the unsubbed eps by myself.  But it was so much work by myself! Like, amazingly so.  And then I came across it, a post on AIDOL saying they still could use more Translators.

I gave them a preview of my translation work and they accepted me. ヽ (≧ω≦)ノ

It’s probably getting long now, so I’ll stop here, haha!

Remember, if you have any questions about any of us, always feel free to ask! It helps us think of topics too!

With that said,



Hai! KiyokoChan desu~~

Nom~~ nom~~ nom~~. Mou~~~  Tabemashitaka? Hai, 23sai, Kiyoko-Chan desu. ヾ(^-^)ノ

Hey everyone. That half dragged me here. Grrr… (; ̄Д ̄)

Anyway, Intro… Intro… Yes…

I’m Kiyoko Chan. I don’t remember how I got my name but it was long ago. A gamer, geek, loves to cook and eat. ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ

My Kami oshi is Matsui Rena and I love SKE! SKE SAIKYO!  I started getting in the Idol fandom quite late about end of 2012. I knew AKB before but wasn’t interested till I came across some JDramas. Came across Saba doru (staring Mayuyu as herself). I went to research who is she which lead me to Majisuka Gakuen.


From there Matsui Rena who played Gekikara caught my eye. When to researched about her and here character was sooooo different! It’s something about her that caught my heart.
Then from there I jumped into the 48group bandwagon.

Back to AIDOL,
I’m AIDOL’s resident Timer and video editor for the last AIDOL Staff Battle Event. I joined AIDOL recently about few months ago. How I got into the team? Hi… Mi.. Tsu~~ 😛
I’ve made new friends, have a good laugh and of course to share the fandom of some Idols.
Been timing some episodes of AKBingo and will time some SKE episodes that we proposed in the event. We will bring you much SKE love. There will be more SKE shows coming your way!

About the promo videos, Thank you every one for supporting us and I hope those videos was able to hype you guys up! It was addictive and at the same time fun to make those videos for the event.(I cant stop watching my own videos at first too, lol). I’m still learning After Effects for more video effects so that I can bring great videos to you guys if we ever announce anything.

I guess that’s all from me for now. Next blog update would be someone else. Not sure who but stay tuned!

Here’s my cat. Taiga  (^・ω・^ )


First experience | AIDOL Team Blog

Hey guys, Half here.

I just want to let you guys know that the voting is rigged! SKE took some of NMB votes!! THE VOTING IS RIGG- *Souchan drugs Half*

Yeah.. where was I? Oh right. SKE won the AIDOL Team battle. That was such fun participating in it. Even though HKT lost, I have Oshimens in every group anyway so it’s really a win-win situation regardless who wins for me. XD These three months are gonna be great for SKE fans and also for SKE48 because like I said in my first appeal post, a subbed video can help spread a group’s name.

I bet most of you here are in the fandom because you watch a subbed video. I know I did. I still remember my very first idol video. It was October 2005, I was still a freshman in college and one of my seniors showed me this video.

It was a subbed version of Morning Musume’s “Joshi Kashimashi Monogatari”. I was blown away. Mesmerized. I’ve listened to Japanese songs before but never has a video captivated me more than Momusu’s JKM. I keep replaying the video over and over again. Mikitty caught my eyes first because she was wearing glasses but my eyes were glued to the last girl who introduced herself. The goddess, Kamei Eri. (As to why she’s my Goddess.. Well, that’s another blog post.. hahaha)

Anyway, that video there started everything. I watched all their subbed appearances on Utaban and their variety show, Hello! Morning. And soon after, I started watching the unsubbed ones. And then I ventured out to other idol groups. With a desire to learn what they say, I decided to learn Japanese. And now here I am, still learning by the way. (Japanese is hard)

So that was my beginning. My first experience with female idols. Even after 8 years, I’m still watching idol videos. I don’t know when I’ll quit watching but right now I’m having the time of my life and I don’t plan to stop anytime soon.

The next blog post will probably be from the lovely Kiyoko-chan, our resident timer and video editor. But before I end this post, what was your first idol video? What was the first thing that introduced you to idols? And most importantly, was it subbed?

Till next time,

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