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Hello, there! It’s been a while but Half here! This time our release is a collaboration with Blue Mentaiko and as the self proclaimed godfathers of HKT subbing, we took it as a huge responsibility to sub the HKT documentary the moment we found out about it. As usual, we have to thank the people at AIDOL who helped out as well, we couldn’t have released this massive documentary without them.

HKT48 has always been a dear group to me. They brought me back from my dark times when I have fallen out with following idols. They were my inspiration to start out as a subber. Time and time again they managed to cheer me up and put a smile on my face.

I’ve probably not been a loyal fan lately but I wouldn’t forget what they have given me. And with this documentary, I hope you guys will come out with more understanding and more love towards the girls. Just as how much the girls have cheered me, this is my gift for you. Hope you guys will enjoy this one.

Download subtitle here!
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DailyMotion Part 1 | Part 2

Translator: Blue Mentaiko, Chomi (Russian)
Timer: Half
Typeset: Michael Soares
QC: Half, Ponchan
Encoder: AIDOLYukirin

150105 AKB48 Konya wa Kaeranai

Konya Kaeranai


Yeah, half (no pun intended) of Aidol have been set loose in Japan. Someone call the relevant authorities.


But fear not, even with them abandoning work I’m sure you’ll get your beloved subbers back in time. At least, until they have this little Visa that I have… *cough*


But anyway!


Even in this dire time we’ve managed to come up with something to release- this something being a specific episode of Konya wa Kaeranai, which the trio of Muto Tomu, Iwata Karen and Takeuchi Miyu hosts. …Even if it’s about 6 months late, it’s still an extremely memorable episode worth subbing- watch (or listen :/ ) on as Muto Tomu makes a dastardly mistake upon her dear senpai Miyu, causing her to leave the studio and Karen having to carry to majority of Radio program on her solo self! Super credits to Michael Soares for whom without all this pretty text would not have been possible!


…And normally I’d take this time to say ‘Vote for Miyu!’… but yeah, she’s not participating this year… so why not go for Karen instead? The sweet, beloved and downright crazy girl has never made it into the Sousenkyo, let’s give her a sporting chance!


Signing out, Era-AKB49Musicalisstillnotdone-Memory.


[AIDOL] 150105 AKB48 Konya wa Kaeranai by AIDOL_KKS


Translator: EraMemory
Timer: Michael Soares
Typeset: Michael Soares
QC: Mayuyu, Ricky

Kus Kus Self-Introduction Videos

Hey guys, mahouhentai and Michael here

Some time ago we shared a music video from an idol group called “Kus Kus”. They were the trio that kinda reminds people of Perfume. If you haven’t checked their first single, you should because it’s pretty good, it’s called “Suteki Na Takaramono”. It was even written by one of the members, Iizuka Mai.

They also released their second single “Koi Moyou” a few months ago, definitely check it out too, the PV is on youtube just look it up right here. :v

Anyways, today I bring to you introduction videos back from their debut in hopes that you’ll get to know them a little more and maybe even enough to purchase their singles to share with us. :v But seriously, they’re an amazing trio that deserves shine.

Enjoy! : /v

[AIDOL] KusKus – Iizuka Mai Self Introduction by aidol_stream

[AIDOL] KusKus – Aihara Maaya Self Introduction by aidol_stream

[AIDOL] KusKus – Matsuyama Yui Self Introduction by aidol_stream

And be sure to keep up with them on Twitter, Blog and catch them on Showroom every Wednesday nights, 9pm JST

Translator: Hayate, KudoShinichi
Timer: Michael Soares
Typeset: Michael Soares
QC: mahousentai

140825 YOU wa Nanishini Nippon e


Why did YOU come to Japan?

It’s finally here! This special release! Our staff have worked hard since this show was aired to be able to bring these subtitles to you so you can understand the other half of the show!

Join us, quite literally… as myself (AIDOL Mayuyu) and Chris (AIDOL Yukirin) go to Japan to meet each other and our oshimen, also get up to lots of other fun idol related activities… and… well, makes complete fools of ourselves on Japanese TV too, well, mostly me more so than Chris.

This release brings back a lot of memories for both myself and Chris, we were talking about it on Facebook and having had people ask me some questions about a few things, I thought it would be a good idea if we wrote a blog post each to go with this. So please, if you have the time go read our posts as well!

Mayuyu: The Incredible Journey
Yukirin: “Idols are more than just music”


[AIDOL] 140825 YOU wa Nanishini Nippon e by aidol_stream

Translator: Half, KudoShinichi
Timing: Keicchi
Typeset: Michael Soares
QC: Mayuyu, Jersh

Oo Edo Onsen Monogatari 8 Takeuchi Miyu & Katayama Haruka


few days to Sousenkyo. Too late? Never too late to vote for Miyu.

Am I fishing right? I’d put in the full shot of both Miyu and Haachan in the bath, but I’m a one-hearted bastard. ٩(●▿●)۶

Vote for your Oshis, everyone! …And if your Oshi list happens to contain Takeuchi Miyu, that’ld be juuuust… great.

MiyumiyuSousenkyo 2014!!!

Subtitles: here


[AIDOL] Oo Edo Onsen Monogatari 8 Takeuchi Miyu… von aidol_stream

Translator: EraMemory
Timer: Ricky
Typeset : Michael Soares
QC: mahousentai

Oo Edo Onsen Monogatari 7 Takeuchi Miyu & Katayama Haruka

Oo Edo Onsen Monogatari 7 Takeuchi Miyu & Kateyama Haruka_001_13067

Today is the birthday of Katayama Haruka, also known as Haachan, to celebrate this we’re releasing a birthday special which follows her and Takeuchi Miyu as they go on a mission to find the sources of liveliness at Japan’s onsen.

During their mission they get up to a number of things and along the way discuss their lives and feelings, follow these girls and get a great insight in to the life and mind of an idol.

[AIDOL] Oo Edo Onsen Monogatari 7 Takeuchi Miyu… by aidol_stream

Also, for this release our new translator, Era Memory, has a special message:

Hey there. I’m the new slave- er, translator- for Aidol, and I’m currently The Answer to Old AKBingo episodes that all fans clamor for but no one wants to do, at least until the other TLers who used to do them come back from the mountains equipped with all-new Super Saiyan forms.

Apart from that I’m also vividly aware of Sousenkyo approaching, and so I’m doing a series of Takeuchi Miyu campaign projects. Takeuchi Miyu is a sweet, lovable girl, and one of the better vocals of the group, smart and hardworking. She’s undisputedly the best photographer of the 48 group, often toting her signature camera to take absolutely lovely photos of everything (but herself, apparently). She’s trained in ballet and piano from an early age, and her mother, a musical singer, has taught her to hone her voice since she way young. She’s had a small break the past year for her classical piano covers of famous AKB songs like ‘Chance no Junban’ and ‘Shonichi’, and have been admitted to the prestigious Keio University through her diligent studying in between AKB activities. She’s a bundle of talent, and a basket of joy.

Naturally, she has never ranked in the Sousenkyo once in her 5 years in AKB48.

With these Miyu videos Aidol has graciously accepted to help ol’ untech-savvy me to do, I hope I can let more good people know of this sweet young girl, and if they be so kind, spare a single vote for her, and let her rank this Sousenkyo.

And so the first in the line of Miyu projects is the Oo Edo Onsen Monogatari series. I’ve always taught that this fantastic project is simply lovely; what’s not to love about it: Absolutely stunning scenery, beautiful HQ shots of different parts of Japan, and watching two young girls pig it out at the all-you-can eat buffet while you starve at the delicious food which taste you can’t even begin to fathom? And it IS an Onsen project after all- so you know what that means. BATH SCENES.

Interestingly, it so happens that by coincidence Miyu’s paired with Katayama Haruka for this Onsen project, whose birthday falls today (or yesterday, going by whatever time this video is released). And while I wasn’t intending to finish it, nor was there really any Katayama special planned, I just went ‘the heck with it!’, burnt through the night, and got this little gem out. And we’re so totally gonna call it the Katayama Special. That we have intricately planned for for the last six months. It’s totally not a last minute, impromptu thing, like everything else we do. I swear.

Happy 31st Birthday Haachan! …Wait, what? It’s only your 24th? That photo in 1987 was a camera glitch? Whatever you say, Showa…

For those who actually read this lengthy post in full… what are you doing with your life?(笑) Go out there, get a Labrador Retriever CD, and vote for Miyu now ! For those who prefer tl;dr… just vote for Miyu. You won’t regret it. Thanks for Aidol for having me on their team, whether they come to regret it or not. Also, if you’re interested, please check out the AKB49 Renai Kinshi Jourei manga that I work on too. Cheers, and keep supporting the 48 family!

Translator: Era Memory
Timer: Hayate
Typesetter: Mayuyu
QC: Mayuyu

The second coming of Perfume…? Maybe :v /

Kus Kus - ステキな宝物(1080p_H.264-AAC).mp4_snapshot_03.28_[2014.01.02_18.08.54]


Today we’re here to bring you a PV from a relatively new Idol group, Kus Kus. Kus Kus is a Japanese idol group formed in January 2013 and currently consist of three members: Iizuka Mai, Matsuyama Yui, and Aihara Maaya.

Their debut single “Suteki na Takaramono” was released last year on November 6 which sadly only reached #42 on the oricon charts. BUT! just because it didn’t reach that high on the charts doesn’t mean this song is bad, in fact this song is great! if you’re into the electropop/technopop music ala Perfume, give this song and group a listen, you won’t regret it!
(this song actually reminds me a lot of Perfume’s earlier music.)

So could this group eventually be the trio to take Perfume’s place once they leave the music scene? I dunno, you tell me. Tell us what you think about this group and the song in the comments section.

Here is Kus Kus’s debut single “Suteki na Takaramono”.

[AIDOL] Kus Kus – Suteki na Takaramono by aidol_stream

Official Website:

Staff :
Translator: KudoShinichi
Timer: Michael Soares
Typeset : Michael Soares
QC: mahousentai

AKB48 Kawaei Rina – You Can Challenge #1


Hello everyone!

What is this? A new project?! That’s right!

This is the first installment of the AKB You Can Challenge 2014 series from the You Can Challenge YouTube. We decided to sub this so you can all follow our favourite baka center as she takes on the challenge of earning herself a qualification. Ricchan Ganbatte, we’re all supporting you!

[AIDOL] AKB48 Kawaei Rina – You Can Challenge #1 von aidol_stream

Translator: Half & KudoShinichi
Timer: Half
Typeset : Half
QC: Mayuyu