Kasai Tomomi – Aitakatta

Kasai_Aitakatta Preview

Here’s the 6th member Aitakatta Road to debut featuring Kasai Tomomi~!!

If you realised there are black borders around the top and the bottom as if the ratio is wrong….

It’s not.

The original video was like this, probably during that time they used different cameras for different girls thus

the difference in the video!


[AIDOL]Kasai Tomomi-Aitakatta by aidol_stream

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Koi Choco

Koi Choco Preview 1

If you like Takahashi Ai you definitely can’t miss this!!!
Koi Choco – Bitter Sweet Angel!

This show is a valentine day drama where they talk about this girl who fell in love with an angel who sets to help her find her true love.

Koi Choco Preview 2

How will it turn out?

Will the angel disappears or will Takahashi Ai’s love be found before that happens?

Be sure to watch it! (^.^)/~

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(Drama) Zutto Mae Kara

Zutto Mae Kara  preview 1

This time Aidol is releasing a drama that is tied together with the PV.

[French Kiss] is a new Sub unit from AKB48 and which consists of Kashiwagi Yuki, Takajo Aki, and Kuramochi Asuka.

The drama included in Type A single is titled “Zutto Mae Kara,” which happens to be the name for the cover song as well.

Zutto Mae Kara  preview 2

“Zutto Mae Kara” talks about a love story that involves the three girls playing as managers of a school baseball team.

With Kashiwagi and the Ace baseball catcher as the lead actors, what kind of love story will it develop into?

This is a 2 part drama which AIDOL has split into.

Enjoy ( ^.^)/~



[AIDOL] Zutto mae kara Front by aidol_stream


[AIDOL] zutto mae kara back by aidol_stream

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