150105 AKB48 Konya wa Kaeranai

Konya Kaeranai


Yeah, half (no pun intended) of Aidol have been set loose in Japan. Someone call the relevant authorities.


But fear not, even with them abandoning work I’m sure you’ll get your beloved subbers back in time. At least, until they have this little Visa that I have… *cough*


But anyway!


Even in this dire time we’ve managed to come up with something to release- this something being a specific episode of Konya wa Kaeranai, which the trio of Muto Tomu, Iwata Karen and Takeuchi Miyu hosts. …Even if it’s about 6 months late, it’s still an extremely memorable episode worth subbing- watch (or listen :/ ) on as Muto Tomu makes a dastardly mistake upon her dear senpai Miyu, causing her to leave the studio and Karen having to carry to majority of Radio program on her solo self! Super credits to Michael Soares for whom without all this pretty text would not have been possible!


…And normally I’d take this time to say ‘Vote for Miyu!’… but yeah, she’s not participating this year… so why not go for Karen instead? The sweet, beloved and downright crazy girl has never made it into the Sousenkyo, let’s give her a sporting chance!


Signing out, Era-AKB49Musicalisstillnotdone-Memory.


[AIDOL] 150105 AKB48 Konya wa Kaeranai by AIDOL_KKS


Translator: EraMemory
Timer: Michael Soares
Typeset: Michael Soares
QC: Mayuyu, Ricky

140825 YOU wa Nanishini Nippon e


Why did YOU come to Japan?

It’s finally here! This special release! Our staff have worked hard since this show was aired to be able to bring these subtitles to you so you can understand the other half of the show!

Join us, quite literally… as myself (AIDOL Mayuyu) and Chris (AIDOL Yukirin) go to Japan to meet each other and our oshimen, also get up to lots of other fun idol related activities… and… well, makes complete fools of ourselves on Japanese TV too, well, mostly me more so than Chris.

This release brings back a lot of memories for both myself and Chris, we were talking about it on Facebook and having had people ask me some questions about a few things, I thought it would be a good idea if we wrote a blog post each to go with this. So please, if you have the time go read our posts as well!

Mayuyu: The Incredible Journey
Yukirin: “Idols are more than just music”


[AIDOL] 140825 YOU wa Nanishini Nippon e by aidol_stream

Translator: Half, KudoShinichi
Timing: Keicchi
Typeset: Michael Soares
QC: Mayuyu, Jersh

Yukirin: “Idols are more than just music”


Hey Folks – Its me Yukirin :3

For some reason, that whole „Why did you come to Japan?“-thing went around the globe so fast. I personally never thought it would make an impact that big. But people don’t actually know the actual story behind all this. So Wayne and me thought about doing a post each, to give you a little glimpse of the whole experience, just as a sidedish with the Release of the actual episode of “Why did you come to Japan?”.

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(130313) AKBINGO! Episode 229

130313 AKBINGO! ep229.mp4_snapshot_20.43_[2013.12.08_21.31.22]


After two weeks blank we bring you AKBIIINGO! YET AGAIN!

Sorry for the absent as I was having my exams and most of our translators are out of the country celebrating so the flow won’t be as steady these few weeks too!

BUT! We will do our best to bring you quality AKBINGO subs!

Now without futher ado!

This week AKBINGO! is about word guessing game. Loser? Freeze gun for you!



[AIDOL+H!F] 130313 AKBINGO! ep229

Credits to

Translator: Biondi

Timer: KiyokoChan

Typeset: alfredcastle

QC: SacredCultivator, Mike

AIDOL History Part 1 – AIDOL 1.0


Hello Everyone!

I am sure many of you recognise the opening sentence of “Hello Everyone!” as I had been using that ever since AIDOL started. Yes I am Bochan.

Recently we have been requesting our members to write blogs as for the reason why will come up in another post. Not here today. Today I shall tell you all some stories how AIDOL was borned and how much it has went through.

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(121010) AKBINGO! Episode 207

121010 AKBINGO! ep207.mp4_snapshot_03.55_[2013.10.28_00.30.05]

Hello Everyone!

This week AKBINGO! We have the dealer selecting people to answer! If they get it wrong? well it is a blast to the face with pie for you!

Find out who is the dealer and  what frightened Amina this much!



[AIDOL+H!F] 121010 AKBINGO! ep207

Credits to

Translator: Tsunamu

Timer: Ale / Tower / Kino

Typeset:  alfredcastle

QC: SacredCultivator, KudoShinichi, Ricky

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