(121010) AKBINGO! Episode 207

121010 AKBINGO! ep207.mp4_snapshot_03.55_[2013.10.28_00.30.05]

Hello Everyone!

This week AKBINGO! We have the dealer selecting people to answer! If they get it wrong? well it is a blast to the face with pie for you!

Find out who is the dealer and  what frightened Amina this much!



[AIDOL+H!F] 121010 AKBINGO! ep207

Credits to

Translator: Tsunamu

Timer: Ale / Tower / Kino

Typeset:  alfredcastle

QC: SacredCultivator, KudoShinichi, Ricky

A letter to the fans about our future – an AIDOL with ads


Hello Everyone!

There has been much debate within the staffs over the years ever since AIDOL has been created over this issue. Right now my stand for this is that we will have NO advertisment and NO force donation.

Our servers are proudly sponsored by Moonflow and website by Akbingo.org.  All we have to do is to pay a few miscellaneous fees like website name.

Without delay, I would like  to talk about today’s main topic *gets serious*

Here at AIDOL we have decided to add adfly to our softsub. 

If you think this is nothing much, we thank you for that.
However whether you are against the idea or for the idea let me list down the reason why we have this change. To many people, it might seems nothing but we take this a very serious matter here at AIDOL.

To have ads have never been cool. However due to the fansub popularity, things have been moving very fast. A Central servers sponsored by Moonflow has been used to store all the project files.

Moonflow indicated that it requires around 50 USD  to store all the data and it have been doing it for free. We here at AIDOL do not take advantage of our partners so we have decided to add in adfly to our softsub and from this month we will try to pay for their server fees.

This is an experimental move which will happen for a month, if it does not work out, this project will be discontinued.

Where will the money go? What about my donations?

50% of the proceeds will go the the server fees and 50% will be used to go to other miscellaneous fees AIDOL will face from time to time. Any unused funds will go to events that will buy and sponsor gifts to you fans! Donations by fans will be put on priority to pay all the miscellaneous fee so any money earn from adfly will go to another bank for fans. Donations will never be used as gifts to other fans unless we write to you and ask you.

So how much will we earn?

Personally ZERO. From adfly you ask? I can not tell but from 1 day of experiment. 25 CENTS. Do the counting. 25cents x 30 = 7.50 USD.It barely scratch anything. It is just an estimate though. We will have another post after a month with the results.

What will happen to you?

Bascially because of adfly in layman terms, you are paying for our subs with not more than 10 second extra of your life. We spend 10 hours per sub, you pay 10 second.

Here I would like to answer some questions that might occur to you,

Many people said that they will pay for subs.

No we will not accept payment for subs so there is no expectation and we want to stay on the legal side.

Advertisement in the website.

No, advertisement are not cool. Having ads on the softsub links are experimental and will be removed in 1 month if it does not work out well.

Force donation to come in or shutdown website.

NO, we will NEVER do that unless till the day I (Bochan) die.

In conclusion, we apologise for the inconvenience caused. This move by us is experimental and will not last if it does not work out well after a month. If it DOES works out well, you may well see events happening with gifts to give everyone! We will be able to help Moonflow ease the payment on the server side. All you have to do is wait 10 more seconds for a sub.


( Producer of AIDOL )

(101020) AKBINGO! Episode 106


101020 AKBINGO!.avi_snapshot_06.54_[2013.10.13_13.52.49]

Hello Everyone,

It’sssssssssssss MUCHABURI DODGEBALL!!  This is THE epic episode. Eating mealworms, going down to cafeteria to steal other people food. How can you miss it!!

Get the subtitles for this awesome episode of AKBINGO! Now!

*Warning – after this episode of AKBINGO! We will be skipping a few episode as it has been previously subbed elsewhere.*



[AIDOL+H!P] 101020 AKBINGO! ep106

Credits to

Translator: Amakuchi

Timer: KiyokoChan

Typeset: alfredcastle

QC: SacredCultivator, KudoShinichi, mahousentai

Mieriino Kashiwagi – Episode 7


Hello Everyone,
this is Episode 7 of Mieriino Kashiwagi, and I know you have been waiting for it like, AGES – DECADES – SOMETHING EVEN LONGER! Here it is now, hot and sexy like Amina looked in “kondo koso extasy”.

In this Episode of Mieriino Kashiwagi it gets even more crazier with the weird BroCom-Sister. Yukirin makes awesome dancing on the beach Kon-chan gets punched by Yuki again. And Sano-san had them all, you know, TWICE!

What is Mieriino Kashiwagi About?
Kashiwagi is someone with a special ability to see the outcomes of couples. However, for someone who is hopeless in love, she doesn’t understand the meaning of happiness in love nor the meaning when love ends in sadness. Sano is the owner of the café and Konno is someone who works at the Café, but in reality they are “Professional Relationship Destroyer”s. Kashiwagi also works at that café and witnesses the relationships of other couples. Through various endings in relationships, some unreasonable, some questionable, Kashiwagi learns “What is love” and “What it means to be in love” and learn about the essence of love which will help her mature.

Due to our policy we do not release hardcopy. Please ask around thanks or get them at the usual place.

We recommend you to watch the encoded one as it comes with the karaoke and effects and stuffs.


[AIDOL] Mieriino Kashiwagi – Episode 7 von aidol_stream

[AIDOL]Mieriino Kashiwagi – Episode 7

Video Information

Original Title: 130222 Mieriino Kashiwagi ep07.mp4
Resolution : 1280x720p
Length: 24:15

Credits to:

Translator: KudoShinichi
Timer: KimotoKino
Typeset: Yukirin & Michael Soares
QC: Amakuchi, Yukirin
Song Translations: KudoShinichi
Karaoke Effects: KimotoKino

SKE48 no Magical Radio Season 2 Episode 8

120529 SKE48 no Magical Radio Season 2 ep08.mp4_snapshot_05.30_[2013.10.08_01.57.25]

Hello everyone! Amakuchi here~

To make up for the long delay for the previous episode of Magical Radio, we are releasing episode 8 early this time!

This time on Magical Radio, a famous producer (and his beautiful secretary as seen above) comes to help out Magical Radio! Or is he? Watch to find out more!

We’ll be continuing to release more subs for SKE48, so please look forward to them!

P.S. For those who actually reads this far down and not skip the boring text, we are pleased to inform you that we are picking up SKE48’s new show Ebi Fryday Night! Look forward to it!


120529 SKE48 no Magical Radio Season 2 ep08… von aidol_stream


[AIDOL] Magical Radio Season 2 Episode 8

Credits to:

Translator: Amakuchi

Timer: Tower

Typeset: alfredcastle

QC: Callista, mahousentai

[UAC Winners] Asa Made Nama DiVA

朝まで生DiVA [1-2].mp4_snapshot_00.50_[2013.10.07_01.40.31]

Hello everyone! Amakuchi here~

Today, we bring you a long overdue release, the final video for our UAC winners! I’m not even around when the contest was held, so it’s really long ago right?
…Wait, I’m not even here for that long! 😛

With that said, I apologize on behalf of AIDOL for the long delay. m(__)m

Nevertheless! Even if it might be an old show, it’s still worth watching!

This show is called “Asa Made Nama DiVA” aka DiVA Drinking Party!

Watch as these girls reveal many of their feelings under the influence of alcohol!

Also look out for Sae, as she might suck you into her world if you’re not careful!

P.S. Our encoded video is LQ, so please bear with it >_<


Part 1

Asa made name DiVA Part 1 of 2 on aidol_stream

Part 2

Asa made name DiVA Part 2 of 2 on aidol_stream


[AIDOL] Asa Made Nama DiVA [1-2]

[AIDOL] Asa Made Nama DiVA [2-2]

Credits to:

Translator: lotsheep

Timer: KimotoKino

Typeset : Michael Soares

QC: mahousentai, Ricky

Requested by : Saysae

SKE48 no Magical Radio Season 2 Episode 7

120522 SKE48 no Magical Radio Season 2 ep07.mp4_snapshot_10.47_[2013.10.03_22.41.45]

Hello everyone! Amakuchi here~

Thank you for waiting! Magical Radio Episode 7 is finally here~!

This episode, Team Magical Radio will be performing Romeo and Juliet! Look out for their amazing plot twists!
Also, Devil Kumi does something crazy!! (it’s only a small part, but still lol)

We’ll be continuing to release more subs for SKE48, so please look forward to them!


SKE48 no Magical Radio Season 2 ep07-subs-muxed von aidol_stream


[AIDOL] SKE48 no Magical Radio Season 2 Episode 7

Credits to:
Translator: Amakuchi
Timer: Ale
Typeset : alfredcastle
QC: mahousentai, Callista

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