Takajo Aki 1/48 in Guam Making of

Akicha Guam Making of

Mugicha, Oolongcha, Yappari!!!

Watch how Akicha swims and the behind the scene of the ever popular AKB1/48 in Guam!!

Translator: Tatsu
Timer: Michael Soares
Typeset : Michael Soares
Requested by : Wiby

Aikimoto Sayaka 1/48 in Guam Making of

Akimoto Guam Making of

Hello Everyone!

You had played the game, you had repeated those sequence again and again.

Now. It’s time to watch the making’s of!

See what Sayaka think, what she went through as well as what she wanted to tell her fans that chose her!

Translator: Bo-chan
Timer: alfredcastle
Typeset : alfredcastle
QC: Mike
Requested by :Rei Long


Hi all!

In conjunction with the previous announcement,

we would like to introduce the “Confessions” corner!


If you enter it from the navigation bar on top, you will notice that all the members’ profile pictures are inside…

That’s right! Whenever we release a girl’s confession scene, her profile pic will become opaque.

Clicking on her will open a pop-up window where you can view both the old AKB 1/48 Koishitara and the new AKB 1/48 in Guam confession scenes.
You are advised to watch it in full screen though.

Fans who have followed us since the beginning will know that we previously subbed all of the girls’ confession scenes for Akb1/48 koishitara.

We have decided to re-translate + QC all of the videos again in order to bring you better quality translations!

Alternatively you can watch the videos here at http://vimeo.com/groups/112865

Do note : All video password is “myaidol”  

This project page was brought to you by Bo-chan and Kian who put in a few days of hardwork programming and designing the whole segment.

The information is taken from our partner site http://www.supermerlion.com

Please remember to give them your thanks (^.^)





Maeda Atsuko – Aitakatta

Aitakatta Atsuko Preview

Here’s our next member of Aitakatta! It’s none other than our ACE!

How does she look when she started out in AKB? Well here’s a episode not to be missed!

This episode was suppose to be released last week. However due to some miscommunication it was delayed.

We apologised yet again. There will be another release for the previous week and there will be MORE release for this week. OMG lol.

Thus please look forward to it!

With this Aitakatta Road to Major Debut release, AIDOL introduce 2 new members!

♥Ngan Bee and IAMGUNDAM♥

-Ngan Bee ( Timer , Quality Checker )

-IAMGUNDAM ( Quality Checker, Editor )

Please welcome them (^.^)/~

If you are wondering what is a editor, we shall explain it on our next AKBINGO! release.


[AIDOL]Maeda Atsuko-Aitakatta by aidol_stream

Credits to


Translator: Bhemfine
Timer: ReA
Typesetter: ReA
Quality Check : Ngan Bee, IAMGUNDAM
Requested by: boyxgirl
Source file from:  Hello-online

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