121219 AKBINGO! ep217

We’re back with another episode of AKBINGO!

This time it’s a personal attire fashion show, a Christmas special too!

Who will be crowned champion this time? And who will be torn apart by the brutal words of Uematsu-san?

Watch this episode to find out!

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Dailymotion stream:

[AIDOL] 121219 AKBINGO! ep217 by AIDOL_KKS
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Translator: Mayuyuihan
Timer: Qwink
Typeset: Keicchi
QC: SacredCultivator, Mayuyu

(130313) AKBINGO! Episode 229

130313 AKBINGO! ep229.mp4_snapshot_20.43_[2013.12.08_21.31.22]


After two weeks blank we bring you AKBIIINGO! YET AGAIN!

Sorry for the absent as I was having my exams and most of our translators are out of the country celebrating so the flow won’t be as steady these few weeks too!

BUT! We will do our best to bring you quality AKBINGO subs!

Now without futher ado!

This week AKBINGO! is about word guessing game. Loser? Freeze gun for you!



[AIDOL+H!F] 130313 AKBINGO! ep229

Credits to

Translator: Biondi

Timer: KiyokoChan

Typeset: alfredcastle

QC: SacredCultivator, Mike

(121010) AKBINGO! Episode 207

121010 AKBINGO! ep207.mp4_snapshot_03.55_[2013.10.28_00.30.05]

Hello Everyone!

This week AKBINGO! We have the dealer selecting people to answer! If they get it wrong? well it is a blast to the face with pie for you!

Find out who is the dealer and  what frightened Amina this much!



[AIDOL+H!F] 121010 AKBINGO! ep207

Credits to

Translator: Tsunamu

Timer: Ale / Tower / Kino

Typeset:  alfredcastle

QC: SacredCultivator, KudoShinichi, Ricky

(101020) AKBINGO! Episode 106


101020 AKBINGO!.avi_snapshot_06.54_[2013.10.13_13.52.49]

Hello Everyone,

It’sssssssssssss MUCHABURI DODGEBALL!!  This is THE epic episode. Eating mealworms, going down to cafeteria to steal other people food. How can you miss it!!

Get the subtitles for this awesome episode of AKBINGO! Now!

*Warning – after this episode of AKBINGO! We will be skipping a few episode as it has been previously subbed elsewhere.*



[AIDOL+H!P] 101020 AKBINGO! ep106

Credits to

Translator: Amakuchi

Timer: KiyokoChan

Typeset: alfredcastle

QC: SacredCultivator, KudoShinichi, mahousentai

(101006) AKBINGO! Episode 104

101006 AKBINGO!.avi_snapshot_08.07_[2013.09.24_00.23.15]


This is one of the all time favourite episode where Miyazawa Sae tries to prove that she is fashionable after all!

We have to put a disclaimer that you should not follow this collection as this is 3 years ago! Though as said, enjoy!



[AIDOL+H!P] 101006 AKBINGO! ep104

Credits to

Translator: Tsunamu

Timer: KimotoKino

Typeset: alfredcastle

QC: SacredCultivator, Ricky

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