Mayuyu’s 2shot guide!


What’s up guys, Mayuyu here!

I’m sure a lot of you have already seen people talking about it somewhere… what with the up-coming, 6th AKB album due to be released on the 21st of January 2015!
That’s right, we’re talking about the 2shot event!
People are already asking me “How do I get tickets?” and “How can a foreign fan go to the 2shot event?”. Well, I’ll definitely write a detailed guide and include screenshots for the application process. The problem is, I can’t get screenshots until the application process opens up, now there are posts around on various forums and Tumblr etc where you can find information for such events if you really need to know right now. You don’t have to worry about not being able to get a ticket though, as it’s not “First-come First-served” – just like all other AKB events they hold a lottery. So everyone has a chance, regardless of what point they apply.

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AIDOL staff battle result

The vote counting is finally over.

It has been a great and busy week and I am sure everyone is anxious of the result.



Without further ado, please watch the following awesome VTR done by Kiyoko-chan for the result!

I also want to take this opportunity to announce our AIDOL youtube channel!

There had been questions brewing whether how much a translator should sub if they lose and

whether any of the staffs here are unhappy with the translation. I think everyone agreed that we will leave it to trust and everyone including the other translators would do their best to help spread the love the winning group.

I want everyone to know that here in AIDOL, having fun comes first. In this campaign, everyone had!

Everyone agreed to this campaign before it was started and inside we discussed and agreed that whatever the result is, everyone will accept it as they have oshi’s in whatever group that won as well.

I hope everyone enjoyed this event as much as us!




Hello Everyone,

Imagine 3 translator working on the team that you like? All the great videos of that certain team? Well… Now it will happen.

As mentioned in the video, we are going to hold a campaign. Currently, we have three translators to bring you SKE48 (KudoShinichi), NMB48 (Lotsheep) and HKT48(Half-san) subs. Now they will come together
to battle. The losers will have to help the winner sub the winning group’s videos for 3 whole months! The groups that lose? They won’t get featured here in AIDOL, not even PVs.
This means 3 full months of pure SKE48, NMB48, or HKT48 videos with 3 translators working on them at the same time!
(If you are here to watch AKBINGO! or Mieriino Kashiwagi, this rule does not apply, we will still release these 2 shows as per normal)

Event Details 

Campaign period 26th Aug 2013 – 1st Sep 2013 ( GMT+8 )

Voting period 26th Aug 2013 – 1st Sep 2013 ( GMT + 8 )  Choose wisely and our translator will appeal to you all why you should vote for them over this week! 

Vote counting period 2nd Sep 2013 – 6th Sep 2013

Effect of events starts on 7th Sep 2013 till 6th December 2013

– Each fan on our facebook group is entitled to ONE VOTE.
– To vote, simply message us on facebook with the group that you are voting for during the voting period.
– NO modifications to the vote is allowed, so vote wisely.
– Only votes via messages to our facebook group will be counted into the total, as we want to ensure that every vote counts.

So if you want to see 3 months of awesome SKE48, NMB48, OR HKT48 videos, vote for them! Ask everyone you know to vote for your favourite group!
If you don’t know how to message on facebook, comment below and our staffs will guide you step by step (^.^)/~

– Each team is allowed ONE post a day during the campaign period on AIDOL facebook page to advertise (Videos, photos, etc)
– Each team is allowed to use any other channel to broadcast to people to vote for their group. (Forums, Twitter, Tumblr, etc)
– Each team is allowed to recruit any members or fans to help out in the campaign (Eg. releasing subs for the group to attract people to vote for them)
– The progress of AKBINGO! subs is not to be affected under any circumstances.

 Translators, I pray for your success.



aidol event

Hello Everyone,

Following up the post on our facebook page, we will have an event. Here are the details.

AIDOL would like to experiment with a new system that we are working on and we need your help!

It is a chat system like IRC –

We have made it such that you can watch Request Hour 2013 and chat along with fans shouting out and commenting.

This is similar like nico nico douga just that the comments does not appear on the screen.  Shout out to the other fans and show how much you love

your oshimen or group!

During the request hour 2013, Bochan will pop up a question randomly.

“What shall the next song be?!”

Please kindly reply in our chat system set up for this temporary event.

For each correct answer our fans reply, you all will receive 1 point.

For each correct answer our staff reply ( we have an estimate of  4 admin joining ) , We will receive 20 points.

If we have more staffs or lesser public members joining, the points will be balanced out. HOWEVER if there are more fans joining, we will cap our points at 20 points MAX.


Meaning, if you all hit a certain number, we will never win.

Points will be updated on the title bar to see how we are doing.

Now. If you feel bored, you can ask our staffs some random questions as well. I am sure they will be kind enough to answer as long as they

are not too focus on the show itself LOL. We thank you for participating in this event and helping us beta test this new system.

Let’s enjoy Request Hour 2013 along with all the fans! You can start joining the server now already at

This chat system to sponsored by

EMERGENCY EVENT – Happy Birthday from us

aidol event

Hello Everyone!

Thank you for supporting us for this past year.

Unlike last year we are not able to sub out something really magnificent therefore this year, therefore this year!! EMERGENCY EVENT in 10 hours to celebrate before the day ends.

we would like to give away our 1830 album that was leftover from the previous contest that no one won.


Time: 9pm(GMT+8)

we will put a secret password in our website. All you have to do is look around our website for the password.

we will put it like  “The password is xxxx” so you will know THAT is the secret password.

It can be hidden anywhere in the website so look out for past post, chatbox, etc etc.

Once you found the password, please proceed to our facebook page or G+ page

And comment with the correct answer.

The first person to get the correct answer in the post that we create for you to reply will receive the unopened 1830 album no questions ask.(without  bonus photo card )

Our staff will direct message the person and all you have to do is give us the address for us to send.

Thank you once again for supporting AIDOL.