Kus Kus Self-Introduction Videos

Hey guys, mahouhentai and Michael here

Some time ago we shared a music video from an idol group called “Kus Kus”. They were the trio that kinda reminds people of Perfume. If you haven’t checked their first single, you should because it’s pretty good, it’s called “Suteki Na Takaramono”. It was even written by one of the members, Iizuka Mai.

They also released their second single “Koi Moyou” a few months ago, definitely check it out too, the PV is on youtube just look it up right here. :v

Anyways, today I bring to you introduction videos back from their debut in hopes that you’ll get to know them a little more and maybe even enough to purchase their singles to share with us. :v But seriously, they’re an amazing trio that deserves shine.

Enjoy! : /v

[AIDOL] KusKus – Iizuka Mai Self Introduction by aidol_stream

[AIDOL] KusKus – Aihara Maaya Self Introduction by aidol_stream

[AIDOL] KusKus – Matsuyama Yui Self Introduction by aidol_stream

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