[UAC Winners] Asa Made Nama DiVA

朝まで生DiVA [1-2].mp4_snapshot_00.50_[2013.10.07_01.40.31]

Hello everyone! Amakuchi here~

Today, we bring you a long overdue release, the final video for our UAC winners! I’m not even around when the contest was held, so it’s really long ago right?
…Wait, I’m not even here for that long! 😛

With that said, I apologize on behalf of AIDOL for the long delay. m(__)m

Nevertheless! Even if it might be an old show, it’s still worth watching!

This show is called “Asa Made Nama DiVA” aka DiVA Drinking Party!

Watch as these girls reveal many of their feelings under the influence of alcohol!

Also look out for Sae, as she might suck you into her world if you’re not careful!

P.S. Our encoded video is LQ, so please bear with it >_<


Part 1

Asa made name DiVA Part 1 of 2 on aidol_stream

Part 2

Asa made name DiVA Part 2 of 2 on aidol_stream


[AIDOL] Asa Made Nama DiVA [1-2]

[AIDOL] Asa Made Nama DiVA [2-2]

Credits to:

Translator: lotsheep

Timer: KimotoKino

Typeset : Michael Soares

QC: mahousentai, Ricky

Requested by : Saysae

Mini Event – Guess who am I


aidol event

Hello everyone,

Here are the details.

Simply download 1 of the category and guess who the 3 members are. They can be from HKT48, AKB48, NMB48 or SKE48.

The first person to comment with the right answers for each category on our facebook page www.facebook.com/myaidol on the post that links to this page will get the prize.

Here is the format.
Name :


Prizes are:

1x PV of your choice for to kino to sub as special project + 1x AIDOL badge (http://www.myaidol.net/aidol-announcement/aidol-4-0-badge-order-instructions/)
The badge will be shipped to your house you don’t have to pay for anything. Once we announce the winners, we will contact you shortly to get your information (^.^)
Please rest assure we will not use your information for anything else.

Here are the questions

Category 1  : http://www.mediafire.com/view/?yuxssil29325098

Category 2 : http://www.mediafire.com/view/?msswtcy8gcagczf

Category 3 : http://www.mediafire.com/view/?cl49vzfi2qq87se

Happy guessing! By the way only 1 guesses for each facebook account.

Ps. If you are worried about our slow subbing speed you don’t have to worry as kino will be the one doing and he is really fast xD


Takamina Report from Majisuka Gakuen 1

Takamina Report

Hey guys! Kira here today bringing you subs for another awesome video!

This time, it’s the Takamina Report from Majisuka Gakuen 1, as requested by our second place winner from our last UAC, Kraken!

Majisuka Gakuen 3 aired its final episode two weeks ago.  So now, let’s bring back some memories of the original MajiGaku season, shall we?

A look into some behind-the-scenes footage of Majisuka Gakuen 1– and here are your subs!

Translator notes

-Otsukaresama deshita = thank you for the hardwork.
-Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu = please give me your regards/please take care of me
-The reason Nacchu has to sleep with her forehead is because of the ridiculously long time it takes her to fix her big hair.
-Enogu = http://www.aisf.or.jp/~jaanus/deta/i/iwaenogu.htm
-Yankee = delinquent
-Bento = http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bento
-Nezumi = Name of Mayuyu’s role in the show.
-Unagi = Name of Kitahara Rie’s role in the show.

We will be uploading a copy of the encoded stream later for those that do not have the video.


[AIDOL]Takamina Report by aidol_stream



Translator: Bochan
Timer: tMx
Typeset : alfredcastle
QC: Ricky
Requested by : Kraken ( UAC 2nd Place Winner )

UAC Round 4 Answers & Winners


Hello Everyone!

Here’s the answer for Round 4.

1. Hito no chikara
2. Flying Get
3. Mitsu no Namida
4. Boku ga Mou Sukoshi Daitan Nara
5. Gugutasu No Sora
6. Dareka No Sei Ni Shinai
7. Koe ga kasureru kurai
8. Choudai Darling!
9. Banzai Venus
10. Noel no Yoru
11. Kore Kara Wonderland
12. Vamos
13. Ice No Kuchizuke!
14. Yobisute Fantasy
15. Pareo Wa Emerald
16. Everyday Kachuusha
17. Pony Tail To Shu Shu
18. Nagiichi

It is amazing as there are several of you got it all right!! Aweseeeome!

Finally we have come to an conclusion of UAC 2012 after a month long of quiz and challenges.

Things have not been soon mostly due to our side for missing timing, inappropriate phrasing of the  quiz and such. We apologise for all the inconvenience caused.

However, all those days have come to an end and we are here to present the winners.

Ranking number 1.
Name: saysae
Points : ( 37 ) + ( 39 ) + ( 44 + 2 ) + ( 50 ) = 172

Ranking number 2.

Name: Kraken
Points : ( 37 ) + ( 41 ) + ( 41 + 2 ) + ( 50 ) = 171

Ranking number 3.

Name: Kristine/Krunchie
Points : ( 37 ) + ( 41 ) + ( 37+2 ) + ( 50 ) = 167

Ranking number 3.

Name : MariHaru shipper
Points : ( 28 ) + ( 43 + 3 ) + ( 41 + 2 ) + ( 50 ) = 167

Ranking number 4.

Name : nanta48
Points : ( 22 ) + ( 45 + 3 ) + ( 41 ) + ( 50 ) = 161

Ranking number 5.

Name: luckynumber7
Points : ( 22 ) + ( 43 ) + ( 41 + 2) + ( 50 ) = 158

Please kindly send us a e-mail of your address and for ranking 1 – 3 we will need you to give us your request of the video.

For more information of what you are entitled to please visit


Lastly we would like to thank everyone for participating in the competition, we know it is long but the point of it is to enjoy.

List of other participant scores ( you can ask for recount if you think you score higher than that and can make it in to the top 5 )


AIDOL couldn’t have come this far without the support of everyone which is you!

Please do continue to support us from now on!

UAC Round 4


Hello Everyone,

Here’s UAC Round 4.

Please guess which PV does the picture belongs to.

Question 1 – 8 ( 2 Points )
Question 9 – 14 ( 3 Points )
Question 15 – 18 ( 4 Points )

Total 50 points.

For this round there will be NO bonus.

Please submit your answers to

The deadline will be Friday 3th AUG 11:59PM GMT+8

The winner will be reveal on Saturday 4th AUG 11:59AM GMT+8.

We will also display the calculation of all the scores again in case we counted wrong and you can ask for an recount at that time.

Download Link


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